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This is just a very good-looking book.

Speaking as a (very minor) author myself, I can tell you all that there is a difference between a thrill and a pleasure.  It’s a thrill, at lease for me, when your brain child comes off the press and you hold it in your hands for the first time.  It’s a pleasure when you sign it off with an autograph to an appreciative fan.  All authors should experience both.  Those experiences are your real reward for creating the book in the first place.

On the afternoon of March 19, I went out to participate in the pleasure of my friend Steven S. Crompton.  I suppose it can now be told–M Scott Verne, supposedly one of the co-authors of City of the Gods is just an alias for Steve Crompton.  Steve is a double threat man–both author and illustrator.  And he’s very good at both jobs.

There was a book signing for City of Gods at the Book Maze bookstore in Tempe, Arizona.  I was invited, and I wouldn’t have missed it for anything.  It was a pleasure–not so much a thrill, but definitely a pleasure for all who attended.

Lee Klein and friend pose in front of her bookstore.

I didn’t remember there being a bookstore that far east on University Avenue.  It is well past the Arizona State University college area and halfway to Mesa.  But, I went looking for it, and I found it.  To my surprise, the store belonged to my old friend Lee Klein. (I hope I’m spelling it right–it could be Kline.)  I’m so jealous of her.  She has her own bookstore, and she also runs Reality Simulations Incorporated, a play by mail game company best known for the Hyborean War game–conquer the world during the Age of Conan. RSI also has a very fine arena fighting game called Duel Masters.  I’ve played both games.  I stink at them, but they’re fun.

Lee provided the space for Steve’s book signing–handled the cash transactions, provided cookies, etc.  It was great.

This is the glorious life. Steve is all dressed up and surrounded by the fantasies he has created.

I had already bought my copy of City of the Gods, so I brought it with me for Steve to sign.  I had to tell him to look up and smile at the camera.  Steve had a wide variety of other things to sell in addition to his book.  Prints, chapbooks, decks of cards, other games that he has worked on, even some erotic comic books.  Steve also created Demi the Demoness, the sweetest hellion you’ll ever meet.  They were all on sale that afternoon, and since Steve is a fantastic artist, it was a treat for the eyes.

I got to sit down behind the table and have a good chat with him.  Then when he got busy, I wandered around and shmoozed  with a lot of other people that I haven’t seen for years.  The thing we had in common was our friendship with Steve.  They all came out to support him on his day of triumph.

A closer look at the good stuff Steve has created.

I’m thinking I don’t want to invade the privacy of Steve’s wife and friends who were there to support him.  I enjoyed seeing them again, and we had some good talks.  Maybe if they tell me, it’s okay, I’ll post pictures of some of the others who were there.  I didn’t take very many.

The Book Maze is the kind of friendly place where people can get together and game.

Some gamers were sitting out front when I arrived.  I knew some of them.  I love a bookstore that will let people sit down and read or play games.  Definitely the kind of place where I could hang out.  Now that I know it’s there, I’ll definitely be going back to it from time to time.  The store also runs a little cafe where drinks and snacks may be obtained.  Very nice.  All the comforts of home in one fine location.

About 3:30 I said goodbye and went back home after an afternoon very well spent.  You probably missed the signing, but don’t miss the book, available on   Perhaps I’ll have a signing out there some time.  It would surely be a pleasure.


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  1. It was Great to see you Ken – thanks for coming! It was really gratifying seeing who came out to greet me. I just wish M.Scott Verne could have made it to the signing! He got a bad case of the Montezuma’s revenge!

    No doubt due to something he wrote about Montezuma in the book! Hopefully you’ll get to meet him yet!

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