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Buca di Beppo–Bathroom of Horrors.   Leave a comment


I haven’t shared an adventure with you, friends, since September 2017. I am so goddamn lazy. But I promise that will change. Gonna get back to doing a blog at least once a month. So, let’s start with something moderately amusing, and slightly off-color. After all, I am Atroll.

I spent the week of June 12 through June 18 in Columbus, Ohio, for the 2018 Origins Game Convention. When I attend such functions, it’s usually about demonstrating Tunnels and Trolls and selling stuff, but this year I had a different purpose. To avoid bragging, I won’t tell you why I was there–you can go check my wikipedia article if you really want to know. 🙂  On the evening of Sunday, June 17, my friend, John Wick, hosted a dinner for his friends at the upscale Buca de Beppo Italian Restaurant. Of course, I attended it.

Now my adventures often consist of simply going some place and taking pictures. This is no exception. It’s really hard to get the camera or cell phone going in time to capture the true hair-raising life and death moments I experience on a fairly regular basis. So you will just have to imagine those and settle for the travelogues instead. The meal was fabulous; the company was witty, and we all enjoyed ourselves . . .

But the time came when Nature called, and I had to brave the deeper depths of this subterranean den of iniquity passing itself off as an upscale restaurant. Come with me now on a journey into insanity and depravity such as you have seldom experienced, probably never experienced if you are female. Be warned. Read on at your own risk.


Why is this man smiling and winking? What lies beyond this door?


Don’t be afraid! Wade right in!


The fish don’t bite . . . but she might.


A shadowy figure leered down at me.  I felt exposed . . .


Demonic creatures glared at me out of the gloom.


Some were not human. Some might have been human once upon a time . . .


Scene after scene of degradation and horror emerged before my unbelieving eyes.



A lesser being might have fled screaming from such horrors, but I am the Trollgod. I did my business and departed in my own time, knowing full well that Hell is never very far from Heaven.


In the end, I came away with this very good advice:


The End

P.S. Have you ever visited the Buca di Beppo Bathroom of Horrors? Share with me, friend. What did you see?







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