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Monsoon Walk in Phoenix, July 31, 2015 Late Afternoon   Leave a comment

Anyone who reads or looks at this blog knows that a lot of them are simply walks in the desert or trips around Arizona. This is another walk, nothing special, but it’s right close to home. Phoenix gets a lot of summer thunderstorms, called monsoons, though they aren’t much like real monsoons in India,  There was an extreme thunderstorm watch today but it only sprinkled with a light breeze and occasional rolling thunder where I live. These pix are taken in sequence as I walked about 2 miles in the cool of the afternoon. An hour earlier it was 107 outside. During my walk it was about 80 and felt cooler.

M1 M2 M3me

No, I’m not giving you a raspberry, dear viewer, I’m sticking out my tongue trying to catch raindrops on it. I did catch one or two.


This is the first time I’ve really felt good all day.

M5 M6 M7

I found a little angel watching the storm–not my guardian–but it’s always a good sign to see an angel. We said hi, and I walked on.


When I go out walking these days, I’m always looking for pretty flowers to photograph. These are a little blurred because the breeze was blowing them around as I took their picture.

M10 M11

All the bushes are in blossom.

M12 M13 M14

A lot of this walk was simply about getting pix of the cloudy sky.

M15 M16 M17

Flowers. Can’t smell them, but I’m enjoying the colors.


Street behind me . . .


Sky above me.

M20 M21

Big Arizona Saguaro cactus in someone’s back yard.

M22 M23

I’d like to live in this house instead if the apartment I have. Nice place, but more than I can afford. Sigh.


Gold-bearded palm tree.

M28cat1 M29cat2 M30cat3

I met a cat as I walked. It is in all 3 pictures. The cat watched me, trying to hide in a little hole in the grass, as I walked up on it. It finally scampered away when I stopped to take the third picture and looked at it a little too long.


The rabbits get quite large in Arizona, at least in my neighborhood.

M24 M25 M26 M27 M28 M30

There’s a big hospital down here on 19th Avenue. This is the turn around point in my walk. Most of the interesting stuff is behind me now.

M31 M32 M33lion

One of my favorite neighborhood landmarks is the psychic’s house guarded by two huge stone lions. Leo here is friendly and doesn’t mind having his picture taken. This cat never loses a staring contest.


Flags. Arizona, America, Apartments. They all seem to be at the same level, but the American flag is in front and flying at half mast while the other two are at the top of their poles. The American flag is only shown at half way up the pole when we are honoring dead Americans who either died tragically or in the line of duty–sometimes both.

M35home M36door

Home again. I have walked 1.97 miles according to the pedometer. My shirt is damp from rain falling on it, but I am actually wetter from the sweat roused by the exercise.  If you enjoyed this little walk with me, please leave a comment. If you like to go walking in the rain, that would be another good reason to say something.


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