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Amazing Arizona ComiCon Hall Costumes and the unimpressive Trollgod   3 comments

On Saturday, January 25, I grabbed my little camera, and took myself to the Phoenix Convention Center to take pictures of hall costumes. Arizona fans have really been getting into cosplay the last few years, and the costumes keep getting better and better. I like cosplay, and cosplayers–they are so friendly, and some of them are really creative. They enjoy showing off their costumes and are usually very happy to be photographed.  So, since I was born to have adventure, I went off to see what I could see.

The trouble with giant conventions downtown is parking.  It is very expensive to park downtown. Event parking was $20 for the Con, and I didn’t want to spend that much money. The solution–park for free at ChrisTown and ride the light rail into the heart of the city. An allday pass is just $4. This is the first time I’ve bought a light rail pass since the line started, and I didn’t know how to do it–but a passerby helped me get through it. So, I bought my ticket, got my receipt, and didn’t know enough to pick  up the actual plastic boarding pass. The transit police explained it all to me as I was riding downtown. Luckily, they did not arrest me. At least I had my receipt. The other thing that went wrong at the beginning was that when I tried to take a picture of the train at the beginning of the trip, the camera shut iself down–battery power too low.  So, the whole photo expedition was not going to work because of lack of power. Luckily, I figured that out before I got downtown and tried to take pix with a camera that wouldn’t work. (It is truly better to be lucky than good.) I jumped back off the train, quick walked 2 blocks to the nearest Walgreen’s drug store, and bought myself a package of AA batteries–an unanticipated expense, but at least I have a supply of new batteries that that should last a couple of months.  The rest of the trip was uneventful.  I came out with some 87 usable  pictures from my trip, and they’re all available on my Facebook page, but here I’m only going to share 42 of the best (in my estimation) shots.  87 might be a bit much . . . 🙂 Oh, this is funny, the pix filled up  all the  space available to me in this blog, and so I was only able to caption 2 of them. You’ll have to figure out all the rest. Bwa  ha ha ha ha!

The first costume I saw on arrival. This  young lady is Big Barda, a new god from D.C. Comics.

The first costume I saw on arrival. This young lady is Big Barda, a new god from D.C. Comics.

Amazing_Arizona_ComicCon 009

Three warrior maidens from Asgard posed with me, the totally out of place Trollgod. From left to right, the Enchantress, Thor’s Lady Sif, and a valkyrie. The goon in black is me, Ken St. Andre, Trollgod.

Amazing_Arizona_ComicCon 010

The Flash squares off against Deadpool.

Amazing_Arizona_ComicCon 015

Wonder Woman bounced some invisible bullets for me.

Amazing_Arizona_ComicCon 016

Captain Hook went outside to get a break.

Amazing_Arizona_ComicCon 017

along with his scurvy crew.

Amazing_Arizona_ComicCon 018

This Predator told me he was cooking slowly inside his amazing outfit. He looked really uncomfortable, but graciously gave me the shot.

Amazing_Arizona_ComicCon 019

The giant robot handed out Con literature and provided lots of photo ops.

Amazing_Arizona_ComicCon 022

Robin, red Robin!

Amazing_Arizona_ComicCon 024

I believe this woman is Ghost.

Amazing_Arizona_ComicCon 025

This might be Harley Quinn, the colors are right, or just a vampire lady, but a beauty in either case.

Amazing_Arizona_ComicCon 028

A character from the end of the Bleach manga. He told me his name, but I forgot it. Maybe one of  you viewers can explain  him.

Amazing_Arizona_ComicCon 032

I don’t know who this is supposed to be, but it’s professional grade body armor if I ever saw any.

Amazing_Arizona_ComicCon 033

This girl was so colorful and bright that I had to take her picture, nor could I exclude her mystical black-garbed friend.

Amazing_Arizona_ComicCon 034

Green Arrow, Oliver Queen, looked like he was ready to rock and roll.

Amazing_Arizona_ComicCon 036

Animated from anime!

Amazing_Arizona_ComicCon 037

Batgirl has gone public. No mask for this crimefighter.

Amazing_Arizona_ComicCon 038

I don’t think Ms. Marvel believed me when I told her I was in love, but she gave me a 20 megawatt smile.

Amazing_Arizona_ComicCon 040

Roller Derby Harley Quinn ditched her Puddin to be with Captain America. In fact, Harley was all over the place and seemed to be hanging with everyone but Mr. J.

Amazing_Arizona_ComicCon 041

She’s just another pretty face, but sweet and so close.

Amazing_Arizona_ComicCon 044

I think it’s some kind of superhero lineup.

Amazing_Arizona_ComicCon 049

Looks like Tinkerbelle has finally gotten Peter to notice her.

Amazing_Arizona_ComicCon 050

Princess Aurora was the soul of curtsy (pun intended)

Amazing_Arizona_ComicCon 051

Alien Smurfette or just a very brainy blue girl???

Amazing_Arizona_ComicCon 052

Rocket Raccoon was gratiied that I recognized her.

Amazing_Arizona_ComicCon 054

I talked to this guy a bit. He said he’s just an ordinary dude, but is his own character. He tricks out ordinary ties with all kinds of punk and kitsch ornamentations.

Amazing_Arizona_ComicCon 057

Wyatt Earp looked a little out of place in this crowd, but I think he qualifies as a 19th century superhero.

Amazing_Arizona_ComicCon 058

Most awesome shoes ever for a male character.

Amazing_Arizona_ComicCon 059

Who wants a Kiss?  Not me!!!

Amazing_Arizona_ComicCon 061

The Adam West Batman showed up  Great costume, but remarkably restrained by today’s standards of cool and awesome. Look! He actually has a batarang.

Amazing_Arizona_ComicCon 066

Jean Grey and Bucky Barnes seem like an unlikely pair.

Amazing_Arizona_ComicCon 069

Marvin the Martian promised not to deliver any earth-shattering kabooms while the Con was in session.

Amazing_Arizona_ComicCon 073

Batgirl as friendly supermodel. It works for me.

Amazing_Arizona_ComicCon 074

Jay Garrick, the original Flash was still prepared to run circles around his later imitators.

Amazing_Arizona_ComicCon 079

I did not recognize the outfit, so I asked her about it. She said she was the girl from Sucker Punch, the movie, which I have not seen. I asked for her picture, and wound up getting one taken with her by her companion. It’s the Hat–it gets me the pretty girls all the time.

Amazing_Arizona_ComicCon 080

Future Foundation Spider-Man looks absolutely terrified for some reason.

Amazing_Arizona_ComicCon 083

Harley and Ivy.

Amazing_Arizona_ComicCon 090

To infinity and beyond?

Amazing_Arizona_ComicCon 091

This is not Lady Blackhawk gone bad, but someone from Japanese anime. You can tell by the hair color. She liked the idea, though.

Amazing_Arizona_ComicCon 096

On my way out, I saw this graceful ninja flowing through a sword dance.  The whole dance will probably be available on the ComicCon Facebook page.

Amazing_Arizona_ComicCon 097

Pirate Harley Quinn. This mixed-up villain has more looks than the Man with 1000 faces.

Amazing_Arizona_ComicCon 098That’s all, Folks!

Amazingly enough, I was there for almost 2 hours and didn’t see a single person I knew, but what a lot of extremely cool people I did see.  The Trollgod tips his beat-up old begoggled hat to all of them as well as to all the great costumes that you can see on Facebook, because I didn’t want this blog to be too long. It is too long, I know, but it could easily have been twice as long.

If you’ve ever seen cool hall costumes at a convention, why not leave a comment.  If  you recognize yourself in here, why not sign-in and tell the world what you were doing at the Amazing Arizona ComiCon.


GenCon 2012, Part 3 (Friday, Saturday)   1 comment

I began Saturday with the resolve to take more pictures and do a better job of documenting GenCon.  It had rained during the night, and we overdressed in the morning because I thought it would be chilly.  I also put on my minimal steampunk costume–shiny vest, demonic badge, trollgod’s hat with goggles.  I looked like this.

Ya think the big convention badge kinda ruins the look?
But first let’s go back to late Friday afternoon.  After walking around the hall for a while, I got back to the Flying Buffalo booth to find this going on.

Stephen Conway is talking to Rick Loomis about games. I came in too late to hear much of what they said, but it made me jealous, so I talked Stephen into interviewing me also. His podcasts can be found here:

I’m attracted to warrior women. I met this dangerous dame and got her picture.  She’s my idea of a living t & t adventuress.

I just love the look of this old Catholic church across the street from the Convention Center. I got this shot as we headed for the car Friday night after the Dealers Room closed.

Rick goes to Indiana and GenCon to sell games.  Sometimes I think I go with him just to indulge myself at Steak and Shake restaurants.  We don’t have them in Arizona.

There was a Steak and Shake restaurant right next to the Red Roof Inn where we stayed about ten miles south of downtown Indy. The food is mostly hamburgers, but the variety of shakes is exceptional and they are really good. I took this shot Saturday morning on our way into the Convention after breakfast.

The Wookies get really tall at GenCon. Half a day has gone by and another T & T adventure is behind me.

This dragon witch was one of my T & T players. When I saw her again in the convention hallway near the balloon dragon, I got her picture. She was the last survivor of my Seven Challenges adventure on Saturday morning.

On Saturday afternoon Rick Loomis did his Nuclear War tournament, in which he had some 48 competitors.  I stayed and watched the Flying Buffalo booth, and sold a ton of stuff.  Much to my delight, my most talented niece, Angela St. Andre stopped by to visit me and show me her latest work.  She is a sculptress, but she works with welding and cutting tools in metal instead of a hammer and chisel in stone.  Look at this beautiful notebook.

This awesome gaming notebook with its secret compartment for dice was created by my artistic niece, Angela St. Andre. It weighs about 20 pounds and is made of steel. It is lying in the midst of the Tunnels & Trolls material we were selling, including my largest recent solo: the Dewdrop Inn.

Angela St. Andre and her shoulder dragon. Lots of people were taking her picture. This young woman is seriously talented, and she loves gaming.

Here’s Angela with notebook and shoulder dragon. She didn’t buy these artifacts, folks. She made them.

After Angela left, Harley Quinn stopped by to see me. What a babe! Totally wasted on that Joker doofus, imho. Hey Mist-Tikk Foo-all, here’s a troll hammer for you.

Actually, Han Solo was walking around with Harley Quinn. GenCon is a very strange galaxy.

I only have about ten pictures left to go, so let’s stop the tour here.  I’m still at the Buffalo booth selling things, but Saturday was a great day for hall costumes.  In general, big gaming and sci-fi conventions are great places for cosplay.  The regular costume for such meetings is jeans and t-shirt, but the really cool people come in costume.  I’m not one of the really cool people, but even I have put together a costume for such occasions–you can see it back at the top of this picture essay.  I also bought an elven forester’s costume that I haven’t worn yet, just to have something special for the next masquerade I get to attend.

–to be continued