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Running for My Life at GenCon 2016   1 comment

This year I wasn’t going to go to GenCon. I went to Origins. I’ve done my part to sell Flying Buffalo games and to fly the flag, but a funny thing happened in June. A guy named David Reid started a new computer gaming company called MetaArcade, and he wanted to license Tunnels and Trolls as his first app. He backed up that plan with real money, a dedicated team of computer professionals, and boundless energy, and he planned to debut his first prototype at GenCon. I talked him into using my Naked Doom solo from 1977 instead of Rick Lo0mis’s Buffalo Castle–mainly because B.C. has been used so many times already as the intro adventure for T & T.  I still wasn’t planning to go to GenCon, but a month before the show, David got in touch with me, offered to pay my expenses, and argued that he needed me there for publicity. So I went.

And that is why, just for fun, I found myself running for my life at GenCon . . .

Running for Life Yeti

Help! There’s a yeti after me!

Running for Life Yellow Robot 2

Help! Bumblebee the Transformer is after me!

Running for Life Yellow Robot

Help! He’s still after me!

Running for Life thru City

Help! I’m lost in the City of Night!

Running for Life Junk Robot

Help! There’s a crazy robot after me!

Running for Life Cyclops

Help! There’s a cyclops after me!

Running for Life Blue Robot

Help! There’s a Warhammer Space Marine after me!

Running for Life Blue Troll

Help! There’s a stinky blue troll after me!

Running for Life Bear

Help, There’s a giant bloodthirsty teddy bear after me!

Running for Life Pikachu

Help! There’s a giant pikachu after me!


Heh! I had fun taking this terrorized tour of the GenCon Dealers’ Hall. There were many other great props and banners but, imho, these were the best.  You’ll be happy to know that I did escape from all of those monsters. And you won’t be surprised if you don’t see me at GenCon next year.


If you were at GenCon this year, and saw some of these monsters, or took your own pix of them, why not leave a comment?

–Ken St. Andre, Aug. 10, 2016

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