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the Dungeons in the Wonderland

The Dungeons in the Wonderland

The Dungeons in the Wonderland is a solitaire adventure for Tunnels & Trolls; you must own a copy of the rules to play. Some 6 sided dice, pencil, eraser, and a Tunnels & Trolls character. Abbreviations used: a.p. = Adventure Points g.p. = Gold Pieces MR = Monster Rating SR = Saving Roll Instructions The Dungeons in the Wonderland is designed for low and mid-level characters, with add 10-50 points. Magic is allowed, but limited. You can use magic only you don’t need instructions.

The Dungeons in the Wonderland is a solitaire adventure for Tunnels & Trolls. It helps if you own a copy of the rules–you need to understand them in order to make characters, conduct combat, and play the game. You should also have some 6-sided dice (minimum 3, but more is better), a pencil, eraser, and a T & T player character. The following abbreviations are used in the text: a.p. = adventure points; g.p. = gold pieces; MR = monster rating; SR = saving roll. This adventure is designed for low to mid-level characters with no more than 50 combat adds. Combat magic is allowed and should be treated as a normal part of combat.

Prologue “Welcome to the travel shop of Gorgiaslof.” “Snaggletooth” dwarf, Gorgiaslof found “the precious treasure of Trafalde”. After that he retired, and started a small shop. Though his shop is not so popular, he already had enough money. He lives in comfort for the rest of his days in Coast. You don’t know much about “the precious treasure of Trafalde”, but know it send an adventure to the places which is likely that he can find treasure. When you ask Gorgiaslof to go back, you can. Then give him 10% of the treasure. You can accompany for a travel companion if you found him or her in this adventure. When you decide to go with him or her, please write his/her name


Welcome to Gorgioslof’s magical travel shop. Snaggletooth Gorgioslop the dwarf found “the precious Treasure of Trafaide.” When he retired from adventuring, he opened a small business, a kind of travel agency for adventurers. The Treasure of Trafaide has the power to send a person to places where other valuable items may be found. Gorgiaslof has the power to return the adventurer to the shop, but he always claims 10% of any loot brought back. 

Your company must be only one, so if you find a new company, please choose one, going with new company or old one. You can go to “small travel” as a comfortable, easy travel. Or you can go through a long travel called the “travel of ice” or the “travel of fire”. For the “small travel”, you throw three dice and go to the paragraph. If you choose the “travel of ice”, you go from 3 to 18 in order. If you choose the “travel of fire”, you go from 18 to 3. I recommend to play the “travel of ice” rather than the “travel of fire” if it is the first time. When you play the “travel of ice” or the “travel of fire”, you can’t take any rest, or quit on the way. You will finish the “travel of ice” when you kill the lava dragon. You will finish the “travel of fire” when you kill the ice dragon. You will be able to get much treasure after finishing the travel! Now, please choose one. Which travel do you play, the “small travel”, the “travel of ice”, or the “travel of fire”? After deciding, go to 1.

If you find a traveling companion during the adventure, you may engage that person–just remember to record the character’s name and attributes.Only one companion is permitted.

There are 3 different trips available. There is one small trip called The Jaunt, and two large trips called the Ice Journey and the Fire Journey. For the Jaunt you roll 3 dice and go to the paragraph indicated. For the Ice Journey you do all the adventures starting with number 3 and ending with number 18. For the Fire Journey do it in reverse, starting with 18 and ending with 3.  

The rules of Deluxe Tunnels and Trolls apply. Yes, you may start a combat round with missiles or magic if you have them. Always consider that Round 1. If there is a Round 2, you are in physical melee and may not use missiles or magic. You may have to interpret and judge various situations. Always do so in a way that gives you the best chance to survive.

Turn now to Paragraph 1.


1 If you play the “travel of ice” or the “the travel of fire”, go to the next number.

If you play the “small travel”, roll three dice. If the result is 3, go to 12. If the result is 4, go to 25. If the result is 5 go to 49. If the result is 6, go to 55. If the result is 7, go to 63. If the result is 8, go to 78. If the result is 9, go to 83. If the result is 10, go to 98. If the result is 11, go to 103. If the result is 12 go to 117. If the result is 13, go to 123. If the result is 14, go to 137. If the result is 15, go to 153. If the result is 16, go to 177. If the result is 17, go to 183. If the result is 18, go to 198.

1.  If you are taking the Ice Trip, start with 3, and each time you return to this paragraph, go to the next higher number in sequence; If you are taking the Fire Trip, start with 18, and each time you return to this paragraph go to the next lower number in sequence. If you are taking the Jaunt trip, roll 3D6 and check the table below to see what paragraph you have been sent to. When you tell the dwarf you are ready, he rubs his “treasure” and bamf your adventure begins.

Number Rolled                                   Go To

3                                                          12

4                                                          25

5                                                          49

2 The precious treasure of Trafalde begins to work, and you are moved to the shop of Gorgiaslof. If you experienced the “small travel”, you get 100 a.p. and finish your adventure. If you want to play the “small travel” again, take care of the fact that you can’t experience the same travel unless you use a different character. If you play the “small travel” three times, let’s play the “travel of ice” or the “travel of fire”. If you are on the way of the “travel of ice” or the “travel of fire”, go to 1 to go the next stage. If you finish the “travel of ice”, go to 50. If you finish the “travel of fire”, go to 150.

3 You search a treasure room completely, and get a treasure. Make a note that you are 3 para now, and go to 200 to decide which treasure you get. After that, worms notice you and get closer. Go to 152.

4 You are in a rugged and glassy plain. A sword is stuck in the plain. There is a forest and a hill near here. If you want to pull the sword, go to 68. If you want to go to the forest, go to 105. If you want to go to the hill, go to 22.

5 You get antique coins from Phoron. Roll two dice. You get as many coins as the result. It is worth 10 g.p. per coin.

6 You tell the variant magician that you join forces with the ice dragon. She Nods. “OK. Well, following the old custom, I also help you.” She ask you which type of help you want. If you want material help, go to 172. If you ask that she accompanies you, go to 186.

7 The sentence is very old. You can’t understand it. You give up and raise your head. A human-like demon hides behind a pillar. You are surprised, and open your eyes. He wasn’t there just a few seconds ago. He has wings of a bat, a tale like a snake, legs like a goat. It’s sure, he is a demon. “ Please! Please listen to me!” He talks to you hiding the pillar. “Because you have read the old summon words, I have been brought here!” If you want to listen to him, go to 91. If you ignore him and observe the statue of dragons, go to 199, If you ignore him and observe guardian birds, go to 142. If you want to kill the demon, go to 118.

8 After turning on the switch marked with ice, you try to remove the ball from the hand. No, you can’t. Instead, you hear the sound “klik”, and feel anxious. You look up and find the dragon is facing up to you, and breathe out the frozen breath! Make a Lv2 SR on LK. If you miss the saving roll, reduce your CON by the difference (ignore armor). If you survive, it’s time to say “it’s enough!”. The dragon’s statue is still looking at you. It it no need to stay more! Go to 2.

9 You open the door, and enter the room. The room is filled with scent of flowers and trees. There is a hole in the ceiling, and you see the sunlight from there. Birds are coming and going through the hole. It is idyllic. On the center of the room, there is a big tree. The tree has many kind of fruits. If you want to try some fruit, go to 180. If you want to ignore it, go to 146.

10 Roll two dice five times to decide MR of 5 goblins. You can choose one goblin. If you want, he accompanies you. Then take note of MR of the goblin. If you want to buy something from them, go to 147. If it is enough, go to 2.


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