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I’m Against It   4 comments

Oops, the negative side of my personality is coming out, but Mr. Marx is so persuasive. I just want to join his little song and dance, usually several times a day, and definitely more than once a week. (If you listen to the song, you’ll notice that Groucho really has a very good voice.)

Groucho sang this in a movie called Horsefeathers back in 1932,  I don’t think I ever saw that whole movie. Just one more thing for the bucket list: watch all the Groucho movies before I die.


Song: I’m Against It
I don’t know what they have to say
it makes no difference anyway
Whatever it is, I’m against it
No matter what it is or who commenced it
I’m against it

Your proposition may be good
but let’s have one thing understood
Whatever it is, I’m against it
And even when you’ve changed it or condensed it
I’m against it

I’m opposed to it
on general principle
I’m opposed to it

He’s opposed to it
In fact, indeed that he’s opposed to it!

For months before my son was born
I used to yell from night to morn
Whatever it is, I’m against it
And I’ve been yelling since I first commenced it
I’m against it“>


If you’ve ever been against anything, why not leave a comment?


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