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Yep! Out of sequence. Read this one first, Ken.

This morning I took Cairo back to the library, and since I was there, I went inside, went up to the teen room and browsed American graphic novels.  I’m almost afraid to browse the Japanese stuff–there is just so much of it.  In about ten minutes of browsing, I found 16 books I wanted to read.  I made myself stop, becausee I couldn’t carry much more, and I want to save some for my next visit to the library.

There are no reviews here, because I haven’t read any of these yet, except maybe the Daredevil and the X-Men.  After all these years, I’ve lost track of the DC and Marvel graphic novels that I’ve read.  I thought I’d just regale you all with an incredible string of cover pictures.  (grin)

There are two books here. I was lucky enough to get them both at the same time.

Part of a series I've been missing.

I've been reading this series out of order as I find them.


Busiek is such a talent. Love to find stuff by him that I missed.


Volume 2 in this tale. Grrr! Now I must find Volume 1.


I would never buy the comic, but the graphic novel collections allow me to keep up with Daredevil.


No violence on the cover?! What is wrong with this artist/author/creator?


Simple cover. Simple art inside. I can deal with simple.

Something else that I've been missing. Let's give it a shot.

I don't think I'll ever associate Bendis with good art. He tells some fine stories, however.

I wish Wolverine didn't dominate every cover he's on. I don't even like him.

There is no escape from the Escapist.


I'm a pushover for a pretty face on a comics cover.



The Spirit kinda reminds me of my Villains & Vigilantes alter-ego The Cretan. Nothing going for him, but a hero anyway.

And that was my haul for this morning.  Ya gotta admit–there is plenty of variety here.  Also, consider this a plug for your public library–the people who make it work do their best to get great reading/viewing/listening material for you, the public.  Use it, promote it, love it–the American public library–nothing else like it in the world.


Posted September 27, 2010 by atroll

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  1. You know, I don’t think all of the Libraries in New Mexico state can rival your one library in Phoenix. It’s really quite sad out here; When I lived in Seattle I was used to seeing used book stores or libraries almost as frequently as Starbucks (well, maybe 5-8 Starbucks for every book store, but you get the idea). Now it’s a couple ridiculously tiny local libraries, a couple struggling used book stores and Borders.

  2. Great one Ken, support your local public library, where ever you are – Phoenix or Randwick (Sydney, Oz), they are a great asset to any community.

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