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Trollgod in Agony: Workout with Julie   2 comments

Some of you may  have seen me talking about my efforts to be healthy and moderately fit. As part of that effort, I actually go to LA Fitness once or twice a week with my trainer, Julie Marsella. On Wednesday, March 26, we went and I asked her to take some pictures. Just to prove I really do this stuff at my advanced age of 66, I’m posting the pix we took that day. Agonized expressions and all . . .

2014-03-26 02.03.04


Posing in a muscle shirt.

2014-03-26 02.03.20


Postures taken from tai chi

2014-03-26 02.03.29


Quit going to tai chi and you forget it fast, but I remember this move.

2014-03-26 03.04.06


We start on elliptical machine or treadmill. Here the machine thinks I have no heartbeat.


2014-03-26 03.04.23


2014-03-26 03.04.50


Really getting into it here. I am running the 6 minute mile in this shot.

2014-03-26 03.40.36

Trainer Julie Marsella is actually lifting about 80 pounds in this shot.

2014-03-26 03.54.26

Here she is developing triceps and forearms.

2014-03-26 04.00.06

I am doing crunches. To get my elbows down to my knees means lifting 70 pounds. Not so hard once–try doing it 15 times without stopping.

2014-03-26 04.00.24

The little blue towel is to wipe away the sweat. It’s actually pretty soggy.

2014-03-26 04.15.23


Pull down instead of chin up

2014-03-26 04.15.40

I got my haircut in the morning. I do that about every 3 months. It would be nice to keep it like this–the skull stays so cool, and doesn’t itch as much or as often. As you can see, I’m in agony, but it feels so good when you stop.

You know this really isn’t so special, but I just wanted to document that I really do this stuff, as it would have been inconceivable about 4 years ago.  I am getting leaner and stronger as time passes, and I credit Julie for that. She has the gym membership, and she gives me the encouragement I need to continue.  There are some older and less fit people than me in the gym, and I give them full marks for their determination–most of them doing it without the kind of support I have.  But 90% of the people in there are young and look like real athletes. I don’t think I will ever look like a real athlete, but I’m getting tougher, slowly but surely. Are you?

If you work out, or could kick my butt without working out, why not leave a comment?



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