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2 reasons to return to Las Vegas   3 comments

My spam email is full of messages saying “Lucky you, you’re going to Las Vegas.”  Because I’m fairly close to Las Vegas, I do like to go there once in a while.  Actually I went last week.  Visited family and played a lot of games.  Only got into a casino once on Sunday just before I came home again.  Lost about $5 playing video poker.  I’m not really the last of the big spenders.

A fun thing that I did on Saturday night was cruise up and down Las Vegas Blvd. which is known as the strip.  Alas I forgot to bring my camera on the trip, but there should be an internet picture I could use.


It was a long slow ride up and down the strip in bumper to bumper traffic, but fun.

When I checked out of my hotel, I picked up some flyers for other attractions in Las Vegas.  Here they are: 2 reasons to return to Las Vegas.

If anyplace deserves a Zombie Apocalypse, it's Las Vegas!

If anyplace deserves a Zombie Apocalypse, it’s Las Vegas!

I am not a big fan of zombies, but I would have gone there.  Do you think it’s the kind of place where one could take a date?

If you ever visited Las Vegas or saw anything weird there, why not leave a message?



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