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TrollCon 2015–Part 2   Leave a comment

Saturday, July 18, was the second day of the Con, and it was better, for me, than the first, but I didn’t take as many pix.  Sorry about that . . .


Early Saturday morning, I am ready to start playing some Tunnels and Trolls. Our Game Master is the jovial James “Bear” Peters, who informed us that he was awake at 4 in the morning making a new dungeon for us.  The place turned out to be a ruined tower that had been turned into a harpy nest. We had about  7 adventurers in the party, and though we didn’t completely clean the place out, or run into the big bad, we slew a lot of harpies, found enough loot to make the trip worthwhile, and got away with our lives, no one being even seriously injured. In my role as a wandering warrior adventurer, I count that as a major success.

This picture show me closest to the camera, then my son James St. Andre, then Hollywood scriptwriter Larry DiTillio in the blue shirt, and at the far end of the table, James Peters. The setting is the largest table in the Days Inn cafe area around 10 a.m. after the breakfast crowd had departed.


Same general area much later in the day.  It doesn’t look like Bear and Larry have moved at all, but Larry has changed his shirt. At the table off to the right John Lach is running a game for James St. Andre, Mark Thornton, and Kris Miller.


Jump back in time, we see Bear explaining something to Laura Samuelsson, one of the players in the first game. James is doing what roleplayers so often have to do–wait until the game action gets back to them again.  The waiting part of roleplaying drives me crazy, and is why I would much rather be the G.M. than a player.


This is a look at the area where the convention was supposed to take place. But this room is full of very noisy computer gamers who are all playing StarWeb and Heroic Fantasy. Both games are computer moderated, though you cannot see the personal computers set up to handle the task, and another turn is due every half hour. The bald gentleman standing in the back is Rick Loomis.  Too noisy in here for us roleplayers, so we took over the cafe.


In midafternoon I suggested that Mark and his family leave the convention and come see me at my apartment where I would run a game for them. Everyone was hungry, so we started to go to the new Lolo’s Chicken and Waffle Restaurant that was built in the hotel parking lot last year. The place was incredibly noisy and crowded and we didn’t go there. I may never know what  Purple Saurus Rex is.


We wound up eating in the Scottsdale Denny’s restaurant 2 blocks to the north instead. You get to see what I had for supper on Saturday.

After that we got to my place where we had a most excellent T & T game in a single session that lasted a little less than 4 hours. I don’t think I want to reveal the plot of my adventure, but it took our players from a palace in Khazan to an evil black pyramid in caverns far below the city. I used a favorite GM technique of planting my own powerful NPC in their party so they would have a chance–just a chance, mind you–to survive and win through situations that were numerically too tough for them. Even so, it took much brilliant role-play on their parts to “win” the scenario, and they were all richly rewarded at the end.

Alas, we got no pictures of the action at my house. I will say I was proud to be able to host Mark, Charley, Kavela, and Kamea for a few hours. After all, I spent more than a week at Mark’s place in New Zealand a few years ago.

This Con report will be continued in part 3 tomorrow.