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Wizardry–Pix from a Game Book I can’t read   2 comments

The perfect generic fantasy rpg pciture. Guy with a sword + naked elf woman + monsters in the background,

Back in 1991, Hobby Japan released an anthology of 5 tabletop rpgs, and I showed a little of their illustrations for it in my blog yesterday.  Then WordPress went crazy on me, and refused to allow me to finish my blog.  I don’t understand why the software worked up to a point and then stopped working, but I don’t care.  I’m back.  I’m going to show all the illos for the Wizardry section of the book, since that was the only rpg in the bunch that was actually written by the Japanese–even though they based it on the American computer game D & D clone–Wizardry by Sir Tech.  The computer game was successful in the U.S., but much more successful in Japan.  There it was so successful that water ran uphill, time went backwards, and they created a tabletop pen and ink game from the computer game, instead of the other way around.

Well, I’ve never managed to actually play either of the games–not one of the 8 computer games released in the series or the Japanese tabletop game.  I’m not that fond of D & D clones anyway  unless the game mechanics can be very well hidden, but I do like the art that the game inspires.  Here then are the pix from the Hobby Japan republication of Wizardry the RPG.

The well-equipped adventurer is armored on every inch of his body andhas plenty of ways to carry things.

And it's always good to have an Elf friend who's very good with bow and arrows.

"Leave the lizard alone, Fred. It isn't bothering us."

The path of dungeon delving never did run smooth. Monsters! Monsters!

Not only are the Elves always good guys, but you can count on them to supply a hot dungeon girl or two.

Somebody doesn't like the plan.

Don't piss off the Elvish wizardess. It's always a bad idea to have women mad at you.

"If I don't get to kill something soon, I'm going to scream!"

Lost in the wilderness again.

Black bat-winged dragons. Now, that's the ticket. Death or glory, here we come!

Finally, the evil wizard behind the Dragon Plague. Let's kill this bozo and head for home, or the nearest tavern.

And that’s our epic fantasy for today.  Hope you enjoyed it!


Scenes from Japanese roleplaying   Leave a comment

The cover scene might be from Tunnels and Trolls. Note the elf woman in the background. We see her again in the T & T section.

Way back in 1991 Hobby Japan published an anthology of popular tabletop roleplaying games.  Five games were included: Rune Quest (Avalon Hill Dark Ages Europe version), Mega Traveler, Tunnels and Trolls, Call of Cthulhu, and Wizardry. All of those games originated in the United States, but Wizardry started as a Dungeons and Dragons clone of a computer game.  When it went to Japan, it became so populsr (ca. 1988) that they made an original tabletop rpg out of it.

I can only read a single kanji character so the contents of this book are wasted on me, but I sure do like the art that accompanies it in the manga/anime style of Japan.  The purpose of this blog is just to show off a bit of it, and to encourage even non-Japanese readers to get their copies of Japanese rpgs whenever they can.  In my humble opinion, this is pretty cool stuff.

I also like the insight that the art gives into the way the Japanese see roleplaying.  What a blast it would be to game with them!

Presented below for your enjoyment: pictures from Japanese rpgs.

Rune Quest


Questing for runes, Japanese style.

Mega Traveler


Aliens! Why does it always have to be aliens? (from Indiana Jones in space)

Tunnels and Trolls


Could this be my favorite Death Goddess? Note the ears! Lerotra’hh is both half -elf and half-uruk. See the evil smile and the chaotic hair. This woman is Trouble!

Call of Cthulhu


Is Call of Cthulhu the Weird Sex rpg in Japan? Sure looks like it.

WordPress has gone strange on me. Going to have to stop and publish right here. To be continued . . .