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My friend and fellow game designer John Wick has moved into an interesting part of town. We get together on Wednesday mornings to have breakfast and buy comic books and talk. On this Wednesday I persuaded him to come walking with me and this is what we saw. No, there isn’t anything very special here, but it is Your chance to come walking with John Wick and Ken St. Andre.

  1. Inside John’s nice cool new condominium. He’s upstairs getting a hat.


2. MonitorHorse. John has this strange painting at the foot of the stairs.


3. Phoenix is a desert city and these desert gullies are found wherever there are hills. I personally love these pieces of the landscape and often photograph them.


4. I like to imagine that trolls take shelter in such places. Unfortunately, trolls aren’t very good about picking up their litter. I don’t throw trash in the streets or on the ground in the desert, but some people do. Grrrrr!


5. The walk became more interesting once we got clear of the houses and onto a main street full of businesses.


I told John to smile for his fans.


Here I am, smiling for mine.

6. We walked across the street and went into this store.


We decided to visit this western antique shop.

7. This next series of pix is taken inside and is just stuff that I liked enough to photograph.


If I owned a horse, and needed a saddle, I would get this one.


Both of these men were heroes to some and villains to others.


One room was full of boots.


Isn’t this a kick in the head?


I thought this cowboy looked like John Wayne. Others though it looked like Ronald Reagan or James Arness. From the price tag on the shirt, I’m pretty sure the shop owners just dressed the mannequin in generic cowboy clothing, and it’s not from any particular movie.


One room was full of antique toys. I wanted the monkey, but I couldn’t get to it.


You know I love old books. Here are a couple starring two of my boyhood heroes.


I like toys. I’d like to see this one in action.

8. We spent 15 minutes inside the antique store. That was the high point of the walk. Didn’t buy anything. After that we walked back to John’s place, got into his car, and went off to breakfast.

But that’s a different story. For now, this is the end of the trail.

Yeah, the walk home is almost never as interesting as the walk out.



If you’ve ever gone walking with me or John Wick, why not leave a comment? Or if you have pix of cool stuff you found in antique shops, then post them here.


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