City of Metal Monsters . . . Part 2   Leave a comment

Somewhat to my surprise, I ran out of space while creating this blog long before I had finished my tour of the town. But I’m not going to just quit. I have a lot to show you and a little to say, so, onward, my friends.


Cave Creek was founded in 1870. In those days people traveled from town to town in stagecoaches that looked something like this, but made out of wood, not iron.


For a town built around nostalgia and western kitsch, what could be more nostalgic than a 50’s style diner?  No, folks, cowboys  don’t go to the drive-thru for a hamburger. You’re more likely to see Fonzie and the gang here.


Cars really did look like this back in the 1950s. With this front, it was probably a pickup truck, and cowboys do love their trucks.


Just beyond Big Earl’s was the psychic shop. Plenty of people were eating hamburgers, but no one wanted their palm read.


And a shoe shop, and the Sockfish Trading Post.


The fish may have wanted me, but I looked, and I didn’t want anything that it had for sale.


Frontier Town was a complete shopping mall, old west style. You’ve heard of, or maybe you’ve seen the car on the roof. Back in the day, the put a covered wagon on the roof. Many odd denizens could be found in Frontier Town.


. . . the red, white, and blue moose, somewhat out of place in the desert . . .


. . . the velociraptor–too small to be a T-Rex. I wanted to take my picture with him, but was too stiff to get down to his level . . .


the Arizona State University Sun Devil and his little pal. They look like they are suffering from heat stroke.


I found someone I could not talk to, but he didn’t mind being in a picture with me.


Do you know where the Petrified Forest is? You probably thought it was up in northern Arizona near the Painted Desert, but nope, most of it seems to be right here in Cave Creek Arizona. (I have never seen such huge pieces of petrified wood before, and I’ve seen a lot of petrified wood.)



I walked a couple of blocks past the petrified forest shop, but I had run out of things of interest on this side of the street. I crossed the street and started back toward my car about a mile behind me.


This seems like a good place to end this segment of the blog. We are 2/3 of the way through this tale of wonder (as in I wonder why Ken is telling me all this).

To Be Continued.



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