City of Metal Monsters and Creatures, Part 1   Leave a comment

On this beautiful warm January afternoon, I went out and explored the hidden Arizona town of Cave Creek. The town is a little Scottsdale somewhat off the beaten track, nestled among the volcanic hills 20 miles north of Phoenix. I’ve been hiking in the area a couple of times and thought I’d like to see the town. Come walk through it with me now.


I started on the southwest corner of downtown and walked through it. Most of the interesting places are on the south side of a street that is basically running from west to east at this point though it was north-south before getting to this sign.


The horse almost looks real, doesn’t it? I passed this on a wrong turn before I found the town itself. Cave Creek is farther east than I though it was, and you get there from the Carefree Highway.


The hills are on the edge of Saguaro desert country. Vegetation is about half cactus, and half mesquite trees.


It’s kind of a WTF moment. Why would anyone create a life-sized metal rhinocerous. It is just about the first creature you see when entering town.


It’s for sale, you know, but I don’t know how much it would cost.


It’s a well known fact that desert crocodiles lurk beneath the sand and lurch upwards to catch their prey.


There was also a rusty dragon hoping a pedestrian would come too close. I told him I was really a troll, and he let me go by.


Not all the animals in Cave Creek are made of iron. Here is a beautiful ceramic pig, only one of many painted denizens of this desert town.


There were plenty of metal people around. Lots of musicians, though I think they’d clank a bit.


Metal critters don’t eat each other, so you can find all sorts of unlikely groupings.


Metal, ceramics, and also painted wood. As wooden Native Americans go, this girl is a real beauty, probably a mom, though as she seems to have a kid and a dog. I didn’t notice the skulls at the time, or I might have bought one.


Kokopelli? It looks like a Navajo flute, but his finger work is atrocious.


Half man, half buffalo, this guy appears to be dancing. I find this all very strange, as there were no buffalo in this part of the country.


Almost looks like a unicorn, doesn’t it? Hi ho, Ironsides! Away!


Can I have a shot of that, pardner?


Now this is a critter you might very well meet in this part of the world, and you don’t want to make him mad.

To be Continued . . .


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