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Did you know there is a Stonehenge monument inside the United States? In fact it stands on a high down overlooking the mighty Columbia River just inside the Washington state border. By happy accident, I learned of its existence and made an epic journey to see/visit it.

The last leg of the trip started in Bigg’s Junction, Oregon at this colorful location on the wrong side of the river.


First, I had to cross a mighty river. Luckily the local trolls had built a mighty bridge.





And then I had to climb the mountain.



Then I got lost on the top and went the wrong way.

I met wild creatures who ran away from me. (There are 2 deer in the next photo.)


I saw magnificent sights . . .


and then I arrived.


The site was unguarded, so . . .  I spent some time exploring it.



Mystic writings told me that Stonehenge had been built as a monument for the honored dead.



There was much to see, and I looked at everything.

h17 h18 h19 h20 h21 h22


When almost ready to depart, I took this picture with my son James to prove that we had really been here.


Having seen this wonder, James and I resumed our journey. We had far to go and other marvels to behold before returning to my own trollcave.





Historical note: in 1983 I visited the original Stonehenge monument near Salisbury, England. It rained on me.


If you have ever been to Stonehenge, or have crossed the Columbia River, why not leave a comment?


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  1. Great journey log! Amazing place… I’ve actually taken part in a Druid ceremony at summer solstice in the UK Stonehenge. Next time, they’re going to initiate me as a Bard! 🙂

  2. I’ve been out to Maryhill a few times. A strange, bleak place. Somewhere I have pictures of my dog resting in the shade of one of the stones.

    When I have guests in town I take them up the Gorge, on the Oregon side, to Multnomah Falls, and then around Mount Hood to Timberline Lodge, a fine old WPA era ski resort.

  3. Most interesting! I did a report on Stonehenge, and we camped at Biggs in 1990… Sorry We missed this remarkable site! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I’ve been to the UK henge in the days before it was cordoned off. Cool that your doing a road trip! What’s the route? Planned or freewheeling? May the road rise with you 🙂

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