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I haven’t done a real river walk in a couple of months now. It has been too hot, and i’ve been all over those  river parks in South Phoenix several times–getting a bit bored with them. So, I went to the river at a spot further west than I have ever gone before and found to my surprise that it had changed its name–no longer Rio Salado, but now Gila River. And it had quite a bit of water in it. That’s always a surprise with an Arizona river. I walked about a half mile, and I took these pix. Come walk down by the Gila River with me!


These yellow flowers were the only flowers I found down by the river, but there were lots of them. They grow right along the water’s edge.

KY9-2f2 KY9-2f3

I like to walk by the river and search for interesting rocks. A riverbed usually provides a wide variety. This rockfield is typical of the rocks I saw today. Do you see any with stripes? That’s what I usually search for.


Does this look like Arizona to  you? Not a cactus in sight!

KY9-2river1 KY9-2river2

The buildings beyond the trees across the river are part of Phoenix International Raceway–Phoenix’s auto racing establishment. Actually, it’s south of Avondale, and probably outside any city limits. Phoenix racing is usually in winter and spring. The heat would kill people if they tried to race in the summer.


River channel looks like an irrigation ditch.


Looking at the river from the road. No room for trolls under this bridge.


I collected these 7 rocks on my hike, and they followed me home to be part of my rock garden. I usually look for rocks with stripes–often an inclusion of quartz in another mineral. I especially like the 6th one in line from the left.  Finding striped rocks definitely made the trip worthwhile.

The whole hike was only about half a mile. I could have stayed longer and gone farther, and found many more rocks, I’m sure, but I was a little uneasy leaving my car parked unattended on the side of the road, so I cut it short. If you ever go on river walks, why not leave a comment?


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  1. Great photos. I didn’t expect to see so much green in AZ.
    I was just camping this weekend and took my daughter and dozen or so of her classmates on a walk in a creek — one of many “Silver Creek”s in Ohio, and probably one of hundreds in the US — to catch crayfish, minnows, frogs, bugs, etc. We were all focused on the fauna rather than flora though. One of the naturalists leading the adventure found a water scorpion, which I didn’t even know we had in OH. (It’s not really a scorpion, but an insect; still it looks pretty awesome.) No phots though since we were in the water a lot and I didn’t want to risk my phone or camera.

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