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For the last 20 or 30 years, Flying Buffalo has been holding a mini-convention for its fans here in Scottsdale, Arizona. About 6 years ago some rabid Tunnels & Trolls fans brought up the idea of holding a Tunnels & Trolls gaming convention here. Rick Loomis, owner, president, and CEO of Flying Buffalo simply adapted to the idea, changed the very unofficial name of his mini-con, and suddenly it became TrollCon, at least to me.

It’s happening again this year. I was there for most of the day, and I took these pictures. I’m not trying to do an accurate scientific report on what happened at the Con. This blog isn’t about accuracy. It’s about what entertains me. And by extension, you might be entertained also.

So, I go to cons these days mostly to hang out with friends that I seldom see other times during the year. And that’s what I’m doing here at TrollCon 6. So, no images of me in these pictures–just shots I felt like taking.


TrollCon traditionally begins with a poker game on Thursday night before the Con. This year Steve Crompton played host for it. Steve is the man with the black beret sitting next to Rick Loomis at the far end of the table. Rick is the bald, white-bearded guy at the end of the table. I’m sitting at the close end of the table. You can see my chips and my cards, but not me.

On to the next day, July 17, 2015. These pictures are in no particular order.


Closeup of my friend, Mark Thornton. Mark is an amazing gamer, a writer, a father, and a world traveler. He came all the way from New Zealand to be with us today. That is the farthest anyone has ever traveled to attend a TrollCon, although several people did come from other states.


Several of us went to lunch today at a nearby Mexican food restaurant called Los Olivos. They have a very nice aquarium, and I like aquariums so I snapped a fishy picture.


Picture of my friend, Jim “Bear” Peters. Bear has been playing Tunnels and Trolls with me since game 1 back in 1975. He is part of the Fellowship of the Troll, and contributed material to the Deluxe Tunnels and Trolls rulebook now in preparation.


Here we are eating lunch at Los Olivos. Starting with the man in the white shirt, and moving around the table clockwise: John Lach, Laura Samuelsson (Rick’s sister–it was her idea to come here for lunch), Rick Loomis, Lisa Miller, Kris Miller, Steve Crompton. It was tasty and delicious, and 7 hours later I’m still too full to eat anything.


John Lach, a member of Trollhalla, came over from Texas to game with us. Here we are playing Cthulhu Flux.


My lunch at Los Olivos: green beef chile burro, refried beans, rice, and small salad. I have this crazy idea of taking pix of everything I eat for a year, perhaps with shots of my relative corpulence along the way. I’m working into it. 🙂


Los Olivos is beautifully decorated inside. You saw the aquarium. This wall mural was right behind our table.


Some of us are hanging out in the hotel lounge/restaurant just talking. The young man in the black shirt is Kavela (sorry I don’t remember his last name–he is Mark’s nephew), Mark Thornton, his daughter Kamea, and Kris Miller.

KY7-17t2Same time, at the other end of the table, a friendly conversation developed between Steve Crompton, Rick Loomis, Lisa Miller, a woman whose name I don’t remember although I know she is Niki’s mother-in-law, John Lach, and Niki Canotas. (The Millers and Niki and her companion came from the San Francisco area of California to be here.)


In the morning, before any of these other pictures except the poker game happened, some of enjoyed a friendly game of Ticket to Ride–10th anniversary edition. Starting with the woman in yellow, the players were Lisa Miller, Kris Miller, John Lach, Laura Samuelsson (her game, her rules) and me (not shown, but you can see the coffee I was drinking). Lisa won this game and also a second one. That’s wrong, of course, in a moral way, because Laura brought the game, and she was supposed to win it. 🙂

That’s all the pictures I took today. By about 4:30 p.m. I wasn’t feeling too good, very tired, headache, shmoozed out. I excused myself and went home.  TrollCon will resume in the morning, for me, although all these others will probably stay and party together far into the night.

If you wish you were at TrollCon, or know any of these participants, why not leave a comment?


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