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I went looking for man-made art this morning, but didn’t find any. So, I went down to the river to see what God and Man could do together.

Proof that some trolls have no difficulty with sunlight.

Proof that some trolls have no difficulty with sunlight.

I have never been to this section of the river bottom before. I found a one-lane park road that allowed me to drive right down to the edge of the river. (Not really the edge . . . as you can see I’m still a good 30 yards  away from the edge of the water.)


It almost looks like there are the ruins of a stone house down by the water.


Looking back at my trusty car and the 24th Street bridge . . .


Looking east toward the 32nd Street bridge . . . part of the attraction of these walks is all the bridges. I just like bridges. On the left side of the picture you can see Phoenix’s biggest landmark, Camelback Mountain. In the center are the McDowell Hills that separate east Phoenix from Scottsdale. Dimly visible in the far distance are the Superstition Mountains. Those mountains are at least 30 miles away. Although the weather is getting hot now (this picture was taken on June 7, 2015), you can still see a smattering of desert wildflowers. In fact, tiny yellow and white flowers are everywhere you look in the desert this time of year.


Looking across the river toward eastern Phoenix. The green line in the center of all the brown desert soil is the actual river with water in it.


This is the road that took me down to the river. The low green shrubs beside it are Russian thistle, also known as “tumbleweeds”.  These are not ready to tumble yet. By the end of the summer they will be all dried out and dead. That’s when they break off at the base and get blown around by any wind that comes along.


Tumbleweeds have flowers!  Who knew? When I was a kid (50  to 60 years ago), tumbleweeds were common in Phoenix. They grew anywhere there was some open ground. Now they are hard to find. Usually one thinks of them as brownish gray, detached, and bouncing across the desert. They are very light, and any breeze can pick them up and move them.


Was there a bridge or a boat landing here once upon a time?



Troll under bridge equals happy troll, even though the art that should be adorning these wide-open spaces has obviously been removed.


Looking up, up, up . . .  . . . .


West of the 24th Street bridge I found several  little monuments of rocks stacked and balanced atop each other. Someone had fun making this letter M.


Here is the whole monumental complex. Does it look like a face to you?


View of downtown Phoenix from across the river at 16th Street. This picture was taken about a week earlier than the others, but it makes a nice endpiece.


If you’ve ever gone walking in a riverbed, or even beside one, why not leave a comment?


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