Used Game Sale at Imperial Outpost in Glendale, Arizona   3 comments

It was his party.

It was his party. Darren Johnson, the man in charge.


On Saturday morning around 11 a.m. I packed up a bunch of Tunnels & Trolls stuff and some Shadowrun stuff and went to Imperial Outpost game store on 49th Avenue and Thunderbird. A big game swap meet was planned for that location and time. Actually, it started at 10, but I didn’t get going that fast, and I should have. Earlier might have been better.

There were a lot of people at the Imperial Outpost–probably the greatest gamers in the western part of the city. I only know a couple of them by name.  I got a table. I set up my merchandise. I took some pictures. Here they are.

The stuff I wanted to sell.

The stuff I wanted to sell.


2014-08-08 23.45.15

Jason Youngdale, just about the only friend I had in the place.

Jason Youngdale, just about the only friend I had in the place.

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However, there was minimal interest in my merchandise, and I didn’t sell a thing in about 2 hours.  It would have been much more fun just to go as a customer. Sometimes the magic works; sometimes it doesn’t.

I took this selfie just to prove I was really there.

I took this selfie just to prove I was really there.


A lot of people had a good time at this sale. Darren says he’ll do it again next January. I think he’s missing a bet, and should do it once a month. He’s charging a small fee for table space, and getting a lot of people into his game store–win/win.


If you like to go to swap meets, or ever picked up games on the cheap, why not leave a comment?


3 responses to “Used Game Sale at Imperial Outpost in Glendale, Arizona

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  1. I visit a couple of Goodwill stores on most weekends. I find a worthwhile game every month or so. Like, last weekend I found an almost-new copy of Settlers of Catan for $3.00. Once I walked away with an armfull of old Avalon Hill games. Once in a while you’ll find an RPG book, or a boxed D&D starter set that looks like a gift no one actually played.

    For the most part, worthwhile games are outnumbered 3:1 by sad dusty things like JESUS-OPOLY or some poor entreprenuer’s attempt to cash in on the Trivial Persuit craze.

    I have dreams of finding a garage sale where there’s a bunch of old wargames or RPG stuff on sale.

  2. Khenn sold nothing? The creator of the coolest, most “no fuss” rolegame ever? The second rolegame ever made and the first rolegame designed as a role playing game? Something tells me that Mr Trollgod needs better promotion. Did the silly people even know who you is or what Tunnels & Trolls has been all these years?

  3. A game store near me has an annual thing where they will sell your used games for cash (and give you in-store credit), but it is limited to board games. I got rid of a bunch of games I never play and used the credit to buy some gifts but a swap meet would be a lot more fun. I always hear about “bring & buy” rooms in wargaming conventions where folks bring stuff to sell or swap but none of the general gaming conventions in my area do that. Not that I’ve made it to one in years anyway. 😦

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