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I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I kinda love the crazy stuff, including, but not limited to cryptozoology (monsters), aliens, Atlantis (and other lost civilizations), the Bermuda Triangle, ESP, mutants, the supernatural in all its many forms.  I went to the main library a few weeks ago, and while I was wandering around in non-fiction, I went by the number assigned to the unexplained–001.9 and got 5 different books. Heh! It took me a month, but I finished one of them.


The subtitle is: A New Inquiry into the Existence, Evidence, and Influence of Ancient Visitors.  Coppens re-opens the question: are aliens from somewhere else–somewhere that is not Earth–visiting this planet, or did they do so in the past. He pretty much hits the question from every angle he can think of.

Coppens does his best to cover everything worth mentioning. He is a big fan of Von Daniken, but mostly of the questions Von Daniken asked and not the conclusions that the man reached. He debunks Zechariah Sitchin and David Icke.   He addresses the basic questions that conventional science pretty much ignores. What I like about the book is its tone. At no time does Coppens begin to sound like a conspiracy nut with a particular theory to prove. He always sounds like an open-minded investigator looking for the facts, mam, nothing but the facts.

I’ve been reading these books for decades, ever since Von Daniken started the topic, but Coppen managed to teach me some things I didn’t know. Contrary to popular believe, giant Egyptian pyramids like the ones at Gizeh were not the tombs of ancient Pharaohs. Turns out they were more for communicating with the gods through special ceremonies. The pharaohs were actually buried in underground vaults, very much like the tombs of Europe. However, he does mention the possibility that gods of myth may have actually been aliens instead. Well, shoot, that theory is obvious to anyone who ever read science fiction. I came up with it on my own when I was a teen, and I’ve seen it offered as a possibility time and again.  Here it is again.

There are some remarkably strange places in the world: places that don’t make sense by any conventional logic. Tiahuanaco is one. The Great Temple of Baalbek is another. The standing stones of Carnac in France is a third.  Humans lived at every one of these places, but why on Earth would humans have wanted to make them in the first place?  Why does every culture on Earth have tales of gods who came down and lived among them and taught them the arts of civilization?  Parallel evolution, maybe? Alien intervention–another possibility.

Coppens works his way through all the physical enigmas, but at the end of the book he turns mystical. Shamans, spiritualists, mystics have all claimed that they open their minds (often with the use of drugs) and contact alien presences. I don’t want to give away his conclusion, but it has something to do with DNA, Von Neumann probes, and the panspermia theory stating that life on earth was seeded here from outer space.

If you like this sort of speculation, I’d advise you to find the book and read it. Keep an open mind, like the investigator. Possibilities are explored; explanations suggested, but the jury is still out on the question of whether there is any intelligent alien life in the galaxy, and whether it has contacted or controlled human societies in the past.


If you’ve ever been abducted by aliens, or lured into reading the strange stuff, why not leave a comment?


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  1. I find most of the ideas in those kind of books to be nutters, but they are excellent gaming fodder.

    I had never heard of Baalbek until I hear someone claim it was a landing platform for UFOs! After some research I quickly realized how unlikely that was, but how cool it was to explain the whole thing as smoke and mirrors for an ancient cult of aliens and nanotech that could do “magic”. Instant game scenario! I ran it in Savage Worlds/Agents of Oblivion and had great fun!

  2. There are some amazingly massive stones used in the construction of the base platform at the Temple of Baalbek. People still can’t figure out how ancient men managed to put them there–they didn’t start where they are. The Romans came along centuries or millenia after the base was constructed and said, “hey this is pretty cool. Let’s build a temple to Jove/Jupiter here. And they did. The temple was an impressive feat of ancient architecture, but the incredibly massive stonework used as a base is the really amazing thing, and the Romans didn’t do that.

  3. Well, what I found during some research, those foundation blocks were not bigger than some other the Romans did moved around, and built with. Apparently there are no record of them being there before the Romans either.

    But, why let that stop one from reading books like “The Ancient Alien Question”? They are good fun, and great for gaming ideas! 🙂

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