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Maybe I should start a Geology blog! Boy would that be boring on a regular basis.

Sunday I walked 3 miles in the Salt River Wetlands city park, and brought back some striped rocks that I found.

Last year, a friend (Ellen)  clued me in on the relative rarity of rocks with stripes in them.  This year I have been questing for them. I have looked at millions of rocks, uncountable numbers, and found less than 30. Although my eyes are always open for them  now, sometimes weeks go by without spotting one.

But, I found a few on Sunday while walking through the river.  Most of these stripes are inclusions of one kind of rock that should not be there, but some are just a richer vein of the mineral giving the rock it’s color. I’d love to get a real geologist’s comments on these little fellows.


2014-04-14 03.51.20

These guys are posing on a brick wall beneath my balcony. I don’t know what kind of stone this is, but the black streak is unusual, and it was the first one I found on Sunday.

2014-04-14 03.51.46

This guy looks kinda like a clam.

2014-04-14 03.52.15

Not just one stripe here, but a whole network of lines going off in all directions.

2014-04-14 03.53.02

One streak of quartz zigs and zags through this stone.

2014-04-14 03.53.53

This rock has its stripes on the inside. You can’t really see any from the outside surface.

2014-04-14 03.54.48

Wash the rocks with water to make the streaks more vivid said my friend. The black streak on this little guy is subtle until you get it wet.

2014-04-14 03.55.35

There is a thin white stripe of quartz in this little red rock.

2014-04-14 03.56.58Red rock with orange stripe. Guessing that some form of iron is involved here, but this kind of coloration is very rare. All the other stripes were black or white.

And that’s all, folks. Two hours of hiking netted just this many stripers I could bring home with me. There were a couple of really big ones too heavy to carry.  These guys have been introduced to each other and now they all have a new home, and their very own cactus to guard.

If you’ve ever gone hunting for rocks of a particular nature, why not leave a comment?


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  1. This blog isn’t boring. It ROCKS! 🙂

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