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Thursday night, January 30, 2014 about 7 p.m.

2014-01-30 07.33.56

Fire trucks are parked on the street in front of my apartment, all lights blazing. I wonder what’s going on, and grab my camera to see what’s happening.  Putting shoes on, going outside, I see 3 firemen in heavy coats and full gear on the concrete walkway for the second floor where I live. Being friendly and curious, I walk over and ask what’s going on. The fireman tells me that a woman has smelled gas coming from a vacant apartment. No one has a key to it, and the landlord isn’t here at the moment.  They decide to break the door in to gain entrance. A big guy with a sledge hammer hits the door 3 times and it pops open.

2014-01-30 07.32.38Fireman on the scene.

the opened door.

the opened door.

I stepped into the apartment and took a whiff. Yes, there was definitely a gas odor. The firemen went in and found one of the burners on the gas oven left on.  They turned it off.

In the meantime more trucks arrive. There are 5 large tanker trucks parked on the street. Two are on this side of the road and three on the other.  The fire chief tells us we must evacuate our apartment and stand well away from the scene of the leak.  They keep us out for about 20 minutes.  So I walk around and take some pix.

two trucks.

two trucks.

truck seen from the rear. Good old number 20 I guess.

truck seen from the rear. Good old number 20 I guess.

two more trucks across 17th Avenue.

two more trucks across 17th Avenue.

A few minutes later they give us the all clear. The firemen depart, and we all go back inside. Nothing happens really.  There is no fire and the damage to the door is minimal. My neighbor who is very alert noticed the problem, before it became a problem and we got a light show and a chance to stand around outside and talk to the neighbors.

And that’s the way we want it really.  Having my end of the apartment complex go up in flames would have been an adventure, certainly, but one I’m glad I missed.  My thanks to the men of the Phoenix Fire Department who showed up in force and handled the emergency with professional skill and courtesy.


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