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My spam email is full of messages saying “Lucky you, you’re going to Las Vegas.”  Because I’m fairly close to Las Vegas, I do like to go there once in a while.  Actually I went last week.  Visited family and played a lot of games.  Only got into a casino once on Sunday just before I came home again.  Lost about $5 playing video poker.  I’m not really the last of the big spenders.

A fun thing that I did on Saturday night was cruise up and down Las Vegas Blvd. which is known as the strip.  Alas I forgot to bring my camera on the trip, but there should be an internet picture I could use.


It was a long slow ride up and down the strip in bumper to bumper traffic, but fun.

When I checked out of my hotel, I picked up some flyers for other attractions in Las Vegas.  Here they are: 2 reasons to return to Las Vegas.

If anyplace deserves a Zombie Apocalypse, it's Las Vegas!

If anyplace deserves a Zombie Apocalypse, it’s Las Vegas!

I am not a big fan of zombies, but I would have gone there.  Do you think it’s the kind of place where one could take a date?

If you ever visited Las Vegas or saw anything weird there, why not leave a message?



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3 responses to “2 reasons to return to Las Vegas

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  1. Oh, gosh . . .

    I visited Las Vegas a dozen or more times, on business, from 1989 to 1995. I helped out in my employers’ trade show booths. Staying in fancy hotels my employer paid for and eating out on an expense account was really neat of course, but what I really got a kick from was walking the length of the Strip, from the old Sahara to the old Hacienda, and picking up all of the little freebies. Things were a mix of classy (in a gauche kind of way) and hilariously cheesy. There were long, quiet empty stretches on the Strip that were a peaceful wind-down between the amped-up crazy. I used to come home with a suitcase full of caps and tote bags and dice and all sorts of trickets to give away to friends.

    I visited LV with my parents in 2001; it had changed immensely in just six years. The cheesy places were fading away. Many hotels I used to stroll through had been literally blown up. There were no more little freebies.

    When I visited last year (I think) it had become super-hyper commercial and slick, like a giant upscale shopping mall. All the goofish raffish stuff seemed to have been drained from the Strip.

    I should give the place another try, maybe look around downtown more.

    My gambling habits seem like yours, Ken. Just a few dollars in the slots here and there.

  2. I’m not a LV fan. Pretty weird since just about everyone in Hawaii considers Vegas “the 7th island”. The last time I was there, it felt like walking through a giant bazaar. People handing out XXX hand bills, yelling out “Girls!, Girls! Girls”. Other people begging for money. While others are trying to get me to spin this or spin that. If someone was there selling me a carpet, it could be like walking through the bazaar in Khazan.

    I’m not a big spender either. I lost $20.25 the last time I was there. The last .25 lasted 2 hours as I would win another quarter, lose it, win it again & so on. It sucks when you don’t win.

  3. Hah!
    I went to Vegas with my wife back in 2001 or 2002, I think. I was still teaching at that time and realized I was not going to be back in time for the first day of classes, but somehow talked the college into letting me start classes late.
    Anyway my wife booked us at the Excalibur as a sort of peace offering (I don’t gamble, she must have figured that the Excalibur was more amenable to my dorkery). We really enjoyed the Luxor and walking the strip, and took in a show, but only gambled a little on slot machines. Of course we had to wreck ourselves on a buffet there too … I don’t recall which. It was a lot of fun being total tourists, staring at the Bellagio fountain shows and all that.
    No freebies, and we went at a time when Vegas was trying to be more family-friendly, but I remember constantly being approached by what I assume were pimps, or at least barkers for strip joints.
    Also it rained briefly when we first arrived and we were shocked, shocked I tell you, that it rains there.

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