A Very Short Halloween Party   5 comments

Last Wednesday was Halloween.  The only thing I had to look forward to on Halloween was the all-day party that was supposed to be happening at Samurai Comics.  I put on my favorite (minimal) costume–that of Ken the Steampunk Adventurer and headed out to Samurai early Wednesday afternoon.

When I arrived the store was almost deserted.  I picked up my comics for the week, trick or treated them, and took these few pictures.

Kelbie was there, and looking very ferocious indeed.

Some strange horny guy was checking out the Magic.

I got my picture taken with this savage cat lady that I found in darkest Comica.

Then I looked around for a little while, paid for my addiction, and left.  I had hoped for dozens of pix of people in fabulous costumes, but you don’t always get what you want.

I did go east and play games with Rick Loomis and his sister Nancy and my son James for the rest of the afternoon.  James won 2 out of 3.  I lost.  I lost by wide margins.

I got back home after dark, and took a walk.  I hadn’t done any walking for the day.  My camera was still in my pocket, and I got this final Halloween shot for 2012.  It’s the Moon, almost full, and very bright.

It looks bigger in person.

Good night, Moon, and goodbye costumes for 2012!

If you’ve ever had a less than exciting Halloween, why not leave a comment, or just tell me what you did for fun this year.


5 responses to “A Very Short Halloween Party

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  1. We didn’t have any trick-or-treaters this year, which was disappointing. But we were just coming out of Hurricane Sandy and it was soggy and cold, so I can see why the parents didn’t want to bring the little kids out. Oh well, more candy for me!

  2. Well, as I recall in 5th grade I was too sick to trick-or-treat, and 6th grade was the year of the Tylenol/cyanide scare, so we had a ‘halloween party’ at home with some friends, from 7th grade on — too cool to do kids stuff like trick or treat. So until college I was done with Halloween. 😦

    Being older & wiser now, I try to live it up at Halloween. My parents have Halloween party a week or two before the 31st, then we take our kid trick-or-treating with a friend whenever our neighborhood does it, with a fire pit on the drive way and a party for the adults as we drink and hand out candy, and usually there is something going on at my kid’s school, so that’s at least three nights of Halloween goodness.

    And every year for the last four year I’ve been making some variation on Rat-on-a-stick, from the recipe for the T&T module, so thanks for that!

    Sorry your holiday was a bit of a let down. If you’re even in Ohio in October, let me know!

  3. went to work wearing a Halloween t- shirt….no trick or treaters at our house. Halloween is just not what it used to be! LOL

  4. Really nice Halloween costumes. She looks like the vampires from that old show Angel.

  5. I thought Kelbie was a zombie Klingon.

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