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You can find many different races (called Kindreds in T & T) on Trollworld. Here are three of the less common: Minotaur, Youwarkee, and Hunding.

Fantasy art calendars are commonplace today and have been for decades, but, I believe that Tunnels and Trolls was the first role-playing game to produce a fantasy calendar.  Flying Buffalo did one in black and white way back in 1978.  At least I think it was 1978.  I don’t have that calendar any more, but it featured art by Liz Danforth, Rob Carver, and a few others whose names I have forgotten.

Well, everything old is new again.  In December I upgraded my  personal computer to a Macintosh.  The Mac comes with all sorts of nifty software bundled with it.  One of the programs, Iphoto, includes the option of making your own calendar.  Back in January this began to look like a really good idea to me, so I did it.  With the help of my artistic friends, I have created a brand new fantasy art calendar with a Tunnels and Trolls theme.  For example, it includes Trollish holidays like Longest Night (Dec. 21) and Trollgod’s Birthday (Apr. 28) and Sky Dragon eats Khazan (the moon) (June 4).

The new calendar runs from March 2012 through March 2013.  The idea is to update it with fresh art every 3 months, and to sell the dates to help finance it and pay the artists.  You can buy one day on the calendar for $8, two days for $15, and three days for $20.  After that the pricing starts over.  Want your birthday on a beautiful fantasy calendar?  This is your chance.  Dates are sold on a first-come basis, so if you want June 5, and somebody already has that date, too bad.  Interested, leave a comment and I will contact you.

Art in the current calendar comes from:

Steve Crompton

Liz Danforth

Ed Heil

Katje Romanov

Miika Spray

Christa St. Jean

Robin Stacey

David Ullery.

Some very strange beings can be found in this calendar. This is the demon Bel-Zaratak as imagined by Ken St. Andre and rendered by Christa St. Jean.

If you’ve ever done art for a calendar, created your own calendar, or wanted to be on a calendar, go ahead and leave a comment below.


10 responses to “Tunnels and Trolls Fantasy Calendar

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  1. Hi Ken, I’d love to do something for the calendar. Is Black and White okay or do you prefer color? This is a cool idea either way! BTW I’ve been a Mac user since 1998 and I’ve never looked back.

    • Chad, I would surely love to have some art for you for the next calendar. Color please–we can do color–why settle for black and white. In fact, I’d like to have a guest blog from you for the new outer sanctum of Trollhalla–maybe a collection of your T & T art, or an explanation of why you call yourself the Atomic Kid. Think about it! Would love to showcase you.

      Best, Ken


  2. Ken I’d love to do that, let me know the details. Would it be on this blog? As far as AtomKid goes I’ll keep it a mystery, kind of like Wolverine’s origins used to be (kidding it’s not really very interesting). But let me know…

  3. Ken, I don’t use paper calenders myself but I’ll help finance it by buying a day or two if payment via paypal is okay.

    Alternatively, and I admit you’d probably want to do a Jan-Dec traditional calender for that, why not do something like this as a Kickstarter project?

    • Nils, the current calendar is finished and being sold. I could add things to the next printing. I’d be happy to include any trollish holidays you bought in the next printing, though.

      You’re doing some very nice maps. Can you do them on a continental scale? Or at least on a large, national scale? There are parts of Trollworld that could use such treatment.



      • Thanks Ken. I have done a few continental maps, but more in a… “scientific” style? I’m very much an amateur and I am still experimenting with techniques. I am not very happy with my maps. The Vale of Lost Warriors is probably one of the better ones I’ve done. (I really should add a gallery to my site.)

        More importantly, I don’t want to commit to a project and then have trouble completing it! I have so many of my own projects that I just never finish. My recommendation would be to check out the Cartographers’ Guild – there are many people there who are WAY better than I, and I am sure there are people there who’d love to work on T&T.


      • PS: “trollish holidays” –> Trolidays? 🙂

  4. Looks great! When would the next calendar be printed?

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