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I am taking an astronomy survey class at Phoenix College this spring.  It has a textbook that costs over $150 new.  Such outrageous prices are not uncommon for college textbooks these days.  I’m poor.  I really don’t want to spend that kind of money on one book that will be of limited use to me for about 3 months.  So, I went to Amazon.com and found a used copy for about $65.  That’s still high but I can afford it.  I sent off for the book.

The book arrived–in not too good of condition.  Pages tabbed and highlighted in yellow.  Spine broken at the front cover.  But it’s all there.  I can use it as a text.  And it came with a bonus.  Take a look.

I've got your back.

And there was a second one.  Here it is:

Some interracial mingling here.

All right, the art isn’t really that good.  Better than I could do, but not very good.  The artist has some talent–the bodies go together nicely in a romance paperback cover sort of way.  She didn’t sign her work, so I have no idea who did these.  Probably just doodles.  Found in an astronomy textbook.  I’m pretty sure the artist was female–a man wouldn’t draw this kind of picture.

But stars and planets were not on the mind of whoever drew these pictures.  She  had other kinds of heavenly bodies in mind.  And they came to me as a kind of gift from the universe.  And I appreciate them.  Now I’m sharing them, so that these particular dreams will not be completely lost.

If your dreams ever come out on paper, leave a comment.


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6 responses to “Heavenly Bodies

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  1. I don’t know Khenn…I think the art is pretty good for just a doodle. Have fun studying the sky like a troll on the longest night.


  2. Some nice artwork there, though not really something I’d go out of my way to acquire – doesn’t fit with my personal style. Somehow I doubt that you’re ever likely to run across the artist, but it’s possible.

    Oh, and sorry about the condition of the textbook. Some people behave atrociously towards books, and it sounds like the seller wasn’t exactly diligent on their quality control or disclosure. Of course, if they had been, the artwork probably would have disappeared, most likely into the trash. So, not an entirely negative situation.

  3. I just finished The Hobbit the other day. I didn’t come across anything cool, but I did find a band-aid, a cut photo strip & a small piece of cotton in between some of the pages. I think they were bookmarks from their previous owners.

  4. Hidden treasures, yah! 🙂

  5. I’m a teacher and I agree about the absurd cost of textbooks. My students are supposed to buy a book that costs something like $210 so I tell them to go used and look for a book that is an edition or two old. (I typed up the HW problems and hand it out to them in case their book has different problems in it.) Such a scam.

    Cool to find the pictures in the book. I can think of two neat used-book finds. (1) Once I bought a book and found a Frazetta book mark in it. (2) Once I bought a book and found a $5 in it. The $5 paid for the book.

  6. Wow that is a very cool find

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