Trollgod’s Backyard   2 comments

Welcome to my back yard.

Everything beyond the fence is desert rock troll country.

A lush and verdant land where life is easy. No, it isn't.

A land where the dwellers are lean and prickly.

Trollgod and friend.

My friend shows me some desert tai chi. Tai chi for trolls always uses rocks.

The most beautiful resident in my garden.

Follow the trail into troll country.

This is a beautiful land.

And, at the end of the trail is the Trollcave where Trollhalla can be found.

You too can explore the savage lands of Trollhalla.  Come visit me at
(Pictures courtesy of Lezzirf.)

Posted July 10, 2011 by atroll in Arizona Desert, Desert photography, Uncategorized

2 responses to “Trollgod’s Backyard

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  1. Is that Camelback mountain?

  2. Hola Trollgod,

    Will your next blog show us the inside of the Trollcave?


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