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Tlaloc the Rain God and two of his friends have been left behind when the party ended.

For the last five weeks I have been taking a survey course in American archaelolgy–ASB223 taught by Professor Virginia Betz at Phoenix Community College.  I’m not your average college student.  That would be someone young and striving for a degree.  I’m old(er) and degrees don’t matter to me.  I go to school purely to learn stuff I don’t know, to meet people, and to have some fun.  Yes, kids, college can be fun if you do it right.

My teacher in ASB223 is something of a live wire and a character.  She has real archaeological experience and has worked at digs in places like Teotihuacan.  Frankly, her stories of life in the field were more interesting than the course material.  She knows a lot.  She has photos to show the real thing.  She brought in samples one day.  And she offers extra credit–we students all needed all the extra credit she would give because her tests are hard and have little room for error.  One of her extra credit assignments was to make a hat to be worn on the last day of class.  The hat was to be inspired by something we learned in class.  There were about 12 students in our class, and seven of them made hats.  I didn’t do it.  Not creative enough, I guess, or simply not inspired to do it since I didn’t really need the 3 points that badly.  However, I took my camera to class, and took these photos of the participants.

The hat show was a lot of fun–I think it was the best idea Prof. Betz had for the class.  Personally, I’m blown away by the creativity and color of these offerings.  I’m not going to put the names of my fellow students into this blog.  You know who you are, and I’m not out to cause you any internet stalking problems, but I want you to know, classmates, that I admire you all and respect your efforts.  Now, on to the show!

These lovely ladies sat closest to me in class. Tlaloc on the left, and the Olmec Jaguar god on the right.

These ladies were my best friends in the class.  We helped each other study.  I’d like to think I helped them some time.  I know they both helped me.  And they had two of the finest hats.  Actually, I wound up with Tlaloc, and the goggly-eyed devil is watching me even now as I talk about him.  The Jaguar God hat stayed with his creator.

Possiby the simplest hat--the jaguar appears again.

I wound up with this hat, too.  Now if I can get some kind of brown leather clothing, I can be an Aztec warrior ready for action.

This is the hat I could have made. He started with a box, and made a green jaguar.

I wish this guy had talked to me.  What he doesn’t know about Mesoamerican culture–especially the Olmecs–is that the alligator god was almost as important as the jaguar.  And since he was working in green, the alligator would have been more appropriate, and more original.  It wouldn’t have gotten him any more points, though, so he did alright.

This is a god hat in the style of Teotihuacan.

This beautiful hat, which won 2nd place in the contest, was abandoned after the show.  I thought about taking it, but my hands were full with 2 hats that others had actually given me.  I reluctantly left it.  I hope Prof. Betz found it and took it home, as this is too nice to just be thrown away.  IMHO.

Warrior headress in full glory. This was judged the best hat of the show.

This hat was not abandoned.  It went home with its creator to delight the child who helped him make it.  That’s cool!

Floppy hat with feathers attached. Very colorful and could be worn anywhere even in today's non-Aztec world.

Now for a few pix of the hats on parade.  What a blast it was seeing the students do their runway model imitations.  I’m not shy, but I’m too shy for the following parade.

One last look at my friends. The class is over now, but I hope I see them again some time.

You know, people do cool things all the time.  I salute them–both wearers and hats.


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  1. You said which hat was second. Which one was teh winner please?

  2. The black dude in the red-feathered hat took first place. The blue tlaloc hat came in third.

  3. I was amazed that you remembered these details! (I couldn’t have said who took what place), and then I remembered that you tallied the votes.

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