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Cosplay is always one of the big attractions at scifi and gaming conventions, and Origins is no exception.  There were some fine costumes again this year including some outstanding furries, but the most prevalent were the Steampunk outfits from an alternate Victorian universe.  While I couldn’t get pictures of all of them, I did take several pictures, and I’m here to show them to you.  I envy these people, and wish I had something besides an old battered fedora to wear to the cons.  Maybe if I would loosen up and spend some money, I too, would have some steampunk finery to show off.

This handsome gent had the booth across from ours (Flying Buffalo). He sold hats, weapons, and a Steampunk role-playing game.

Many handsome couples were shopping for games.

A gentleman can hardly venture out without vest and goggles.

Steampunk ladies don't always need male escorts.

Top hat and vest, all one really needs to be in fashion.

An ossifer of the crowne.

How fine a thing--to squire an elegant lady around Origins Towne.

The redheads are winning!

Beware the one-eyed man!

Gary Wolf, storyteller and sharp dresser.

Glub, glub!? It's a crazy mechanical headpiece.

Very trim.

Even trimmer. Never too young for a corset.


I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today!

Have you seen Stanley?

And that brings me to the end of the Steam Punks at Origins.  They certainly were a well-dressed crew of scoundrels, gentility, and reprobates.  Long may they flourish, and more power to them!


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  1. Thanks for posting your pics!

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