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Lacking anything really important to say today, I thought I’d just put up the rest of the pictures from the Hobby Japan RPG anthology.

Cover art is so generic. This could be for any fantasy rpg in the book.


This may be the rpg version of Jack and the Beanstalk. That's a mighty big door.


Artists, when in doubt what to do next for your project, draw a beautiful woman. They go well just about everywhere.


And even better than beautiful women is naked women! The Japanese aren't afraid of the human body.


Let's switch universes! Armor styles have changed a lot.


I think I'd hate it if all the aliens I met were taller than me.


It's always the Dwarf male and the Elf Female. You never see it the other way around. I wonder why!


Moonbathing! This girl is going to have a moontan all over.


Time to Head for the exit!


That’s it!  You’ve seen everything in that gamebook.

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