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Ken in his natural setting--gaming at a con.

I’m getting introspective in my old age.  Every day I wake up in a kind of existential despair because I have so much creative work that I feel I need to finish, and really so much aversion to finishing it.  I love to start projects.  I love to finish them, too, and get them printed.  I don’t really care much for all those hours of work in between where the blood and guts of the writing has to be done.  No, I kinda hate that part of the creative process.  Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing one of my babies come to life, whether it’s a whole game design, a game module, a piece of fiction, a review, an article, a blog.  The moment it is done and goes out into the world on its own is the moment I live for.

Today I woke up wondering how I could ever finish all the work I want to get done if I continue to just bounce from one thing to another as the mood strikes me.  I didn’t even have a list of all the things I need to do.  So, like any good procrastinator, I sat down and made this list–there’s an hour or two of time that feels productive, but really isn’t.

Well, maybe it was productive time.  I now have a list.  I can update the list every time I actually do something that was on it (even if it’s something way down at the bottom of the list like this blog.)

It occurs to me that if I didn’t enjoy doing all this writing and world creation I wouldn’t be doing it.  If I enjoy doing it, that makes it entertainment, and if it’s entertainment, that makes it a suitable subject for this blog.  Hooray, a different subject–I was really tired of writing book and movie reviews. 

Now, for the first time ever, I proudly present: Ken St. Andre’s List of Things to Do before He Dies.

Projects for Ken St. Andre

1.  Rose of Stormgaard–revise and publish via Amazon.

2.  Rose of Khazan–write the story.

3.  Tunnels & Trolls 8th edition–finish writing the rules.

4.  Power Play: T & T super heroes–finish writing the rules.

5.  The DewDrop Inn big solo–finish writing.

6.  Protector (for Steve Crompton)–finish the story.

7.  A Traveler’s Tale–revise, add the art and title pages, and publish it.–finished my work on Traveler’s Tale today (2/10/11)–waiting for comments from artist David Ullery.  Hope to send it to the publisher tomorrow!

8.  The Goblin or the Gator–get art & publish it.

9.  Vvvarrr’s Qiip–get art & publish it.

10.  A Sworded Adventure–revise, get art, and publish.

11.  Dandelion in the Moonstone Caverns–publish.

12.  Mandrikor GM Dungeon–Draw map, write key, get art, publish.

13.  Some Legends Should Remain Forgotten–revise, get art, and publish.

14.  The Mermaid’s Curse–revise, get art, and publish.

15.  A Hobgoblin’s Holiday in Khazan–get art and publish.

16.  Rogues in Gristlegrim–revise and publish.

17.  Atroll’s Entertainment–blog daily. (2/8/11, 2/10/11, )

18.  Delver’s Tales–blog daily. (new blog today 2/10/11, )

19.  Trollfic; flash fiction–blog daily.  (new story today by Laurie Rose 2/10/11, )

20.  Review games for Drivethrurpg.

21.  Trollhalla business.  (2/8/11, )

22.  Khenn Arrth in the Tree of Life–revise, illustrate, and publish.

 When you see something in parenthesis, it means I actually worked on that part of the list on that date.  The day is half over, and about all I managed to do was this blog.  Well, I can come back to the computer and work on more stuff later.  Right now, I feel the need to get out of the chair and get some fresh air.


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  1. Ken,

    How fitting, for I am in the same introspective rut lately, too many projects, bouncing back and forth, never getting as much done as I promised myself I would. I was literally just outside having a smoke, and trying to reason with the project-jumping procrastinator in me that he needs to pick one project (or maybe two) at a time and FOCUS on it to completion.

    However, to add to your observation of some twisted form of enjoyment we find in this process of self-torment, perhaps we have to ask ourselves this: would we be nearly as creative if we didn’t jump from idea to idea? Perhaps this lack of focus is somehow the source of our abundant creativity…

    Now, if I can make the abundant creativity = prolific writing I just might get somewhere. ;-}


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