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Does this tower look phallic to you? Disney artists always do that.

There are so many fine fantasy movies that come out during the Christmas holiday season  that I can’t keep up with them.  This review is about a month late, but I’ve been having a hard time finding time to blog lately.  Now that I will be cooling my heels for 2 hours a day in the Phoenix College Library, I should have time to sound off on the movies I’ve seen, the books I’ve read, etc.

But I did get to go see Tangled with the family on Sunday, December 12.  Here comes my review.

I read somewhere that Disney says Tangled is the last fairytale cartoon they will be making for a long time to come.  Little girls don’t identify with princesses any more.  I believe it.  Judging from what I’ve seen in the library (where I worked last year) little girls now identify with sluts.  What they’re watching is sleazy dance videos of hot girls in hot pants shaking their THANGs.  Hey!  If I were a ten year old boy, I’d be all in favor of this trend.  Gonna be lotsa good cheap stuff waiting for those kids in 6 to 10  years.

Back to Tangled.  It’s an update of the Rapunzel story–the princess imprisoned in a tower where the only means of ingress is a high window and she has to let down  her hair for her captor to climb up.  Never mind that hair would never grow that long, or that the human scalp can’t take that much weight.  It’s magic, and wonderful things can be done with the proper fulcrums.

The hero of the story is a pretty-boy thief who is so stuck on himself that it’s a wonder he could ever pull himself away from any mirror he might see.  He collects the WANTED posters bearing his image and complains that the artists never get his nose right.  He reminds me a lot of Aladdin, although it turns out his real name is Eugene.  Ha!  Now I identify with him.  My  middle name is Eugene. 

They just can't get the nose right!

There is also a Wonder Horse and a smart-aleck chameleon.  Cute animals are a Disney trademark.  In fact, I don’t think there’s a single Disney trademark overlooked in this movie.  Cute animals, singing princesses, evil female sorceress driven by her need to be beautiful, acrobatic thief who’s really a good guy in need of redemption, thugs with unexpected talents and aspirations–have you ever noticed how the thugs in Disney cartoons all have their own endearing character traits and talents?

The real star of the show is Fred the Wonder Horse--smarter, better-looking, more athletic, and with better morals than any of the humans.

Beautifully animated, perfectly predicatable, about as deep as the surface of a mirror, I still liked Tangled.  It is classic Disney Fairy Tale stuff, and if it’s the last they do, it will be a good way to end.  See this movie with a kid.  This is the kind of thing little girls should be watching.  There are also some  unexpected subtleties to keep the adult audience amused–see that first picture and my comment.  Pure cinematic sugar!

Lovable thief in a hairy situation.



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