The Longest Night Party at Trollhalla   2 comments

Some of us sure love our libations!

Trollhalla is my personal club for people who play Tunnels and Trolls.  Admission is free.  Nothing is required of the members except that they ask to get in.  We do things to promote Tunnels and Trolls around the world.  We have a lot of international members, and we have a lot of very talented members.

And on the evening of the winter solstice–the Longest Night–some of us get together on the Trollhalla site and have a virtual party.  We talk, we exchange art and videos, we make jokes, we drink and we eat rare fantasy viands, all in a virtual sort of way.  And for a party that takes place in our minds, we have a surprising amount of fun.

On December 21, we held the second annual Longest Night party.  I was the host, and 32 other members of Trollhalla also attended.  It was a wild party.  There was a lot of dancing.  Orcs danced, ogres danced, goblins danced, trolls danced, and even the dead came and danced for us.  Betty Page is a white flame.

You can find one of the dances we enjoyed here.  I’d like to embed it, but can’t seem to figure out how that’s done.

The following people attended in this order.  Trollish names are being used here to protect the guilty.Misha the Berzerk (left early and came back later)
Kopfy (Partied hardest, kept the music going, and almost lasted longest)
Tmuwo (left early–ran a Shadowfist tournament, returned later and partied hard)
Mist-Tikk Foo-all (the life of the party and most versatile)
Ea (left early, but brought food and laughter)
Taran Dracon
Dannnherrrm (gave us all a magnificent gift)
Sligo (brief appearance)
Quoghmyre (uploaded the most art–some created on the spot & lasted longest)
Moonwolf (scariest art in the show)
Ramsen Triton (jolliest art in the show)
Khenn Arrth (ye host finally arrived after all those other people)
Arrdhann Trrellish
Grrrey Wulff Carried the artistic load early)
Corencio (likes to party in real life with a younger crowd)
Dekhurrrsio (brought 7 new rooms to as a gift for all.
Boris the Brave
Darrgh Tarrho (drove his car into a hedge–weird British behavior–that)
Lezzirf (did fortunetelling for the mystically inclined)
Bitt Burrnn
Mmartin the Mensch
Kattjje (joined Trollhalla just to get into the party)
Dhell Marrh
Khayd’haik (showed up late but contributed greatly)
Trrrommm (worked thru tha party backing up his hard drive)
Khurrt Ahhvenns (newest member of Trollhalla, stopped by and said hi)

Scary creatures of all sorts are welcome at Trollhalla on the Longest Night.  Heck, we evern let Grey Wolf and Moonwolf in.  Then there was this mysteriously friendly girl.

We had so much fun that we’re thinking of  having a Shortest Night party on the Summer Solstice.  You have about six months to   join if you want to get in on it.  Actually the whole party is captured on 89 pages of the Trollwalla in Trollhalla.  Anyone who really wanted to experience the revels could still do so.

H’aaarrrrgggghhhhh! (Trollish for in haste!)

–Khenn Arrth aka Atroll

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2 responses to “The Longest Night Party at Trollhalla

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  1. We had a grand old time, thank you Trollgod! for putting up with our shenanigans, not only on the Longest Night but all year long.

  2. Thank you for the great party I which I had been able to spend more time. But when the hard drive started to go wacky I had to back it up quickly. But the Trollbaise and Hot peppers tequila was deliverd very late but still enjoyed by all.

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