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I think they have the same weird disease that attacks the eyebrows.

It’s better to be Lucky than Good.  That has been my motto for a long time, and it could very well be a motto to live by for Megamind, the loveable new comic super villain.

Megamind is a comic take on the archtypal story of Superman and Lex Luthor.  Or maybe it’s Brainiac.  Anyway, it’s Superduper Man vs. some big-brained foe.  Logically Superman’s foes have to be super smart, because Superman already has all the physical abilities.

I don’t want to tell you much about the movie.  You should go see it.  You’ll enjoy it.  I did.  It proved to be much wittier and more entertaining than I thought it would based on the teasers and ads that we all saw for months before it came out.  Dreamworks did a good job on not tipping their hand, not giving away all the good stuff before the film ever reached the theaters.  Go see it.  You will be entertained.  And the more you know about superhero comics, especially the Big Blue Cheese, the more entertained you will be.

MEGAMIND bears a thematic resemblance to Universal’s DESPICABLE ME.  Both deal with the comic struggles of super villains trying to succeed.  Both super villains are transformed into . . . oops I must say no more.  Both are versions of Lex Luthor, but Luthor himself is only a version of the Mastermind archtype.  Before Luthor there was Fu Manchu.  Before Fu, there was Moriarty.  I can’t think of a mastermind who precedes Moriarty, but there probably is one–because, let’s admit it, the Mastermind is an Archtype.

Is it just envy in me, or is Metro Man really a jerk?  And if he’s a jerk, is there a buried subtext in the movie that Superman is also a jerk?  Is that how people really feel about Kal-El, the not-exactly-the-last survivior of doomed Krypton?

Megamind can't succeed as long as Metro Man is in his way. Get out of the way you conceited jerk!

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the real heart of the movie is the female lead, girl reporter Roxanne Ritchi.  Everyone assumes that she’s an item with Metro Man, but . . . Megamind really likes her, too.  Why, he’d do anything for a kind word from her.  Without Roxanne there is no triumph and redemption for Megamind.  Without Lois Lane, Superman still has more female friends than he knows what to do with.  Everyone alwasys figured that the natural connection for Superman was Wonder Woman anyway.

Does this look like true love to you?


Megamind the movie is as predictable as any good comic should be, but it’s clever.  You know what has to happen, but I confess, that even with all the clues dropped throughout the movie, I never quite knew what would happen next.  I’m no Megamind, that’s for sure.

Atroll’s rating for Megamind: 3.5 stars.  There are flaws in the movie, and someone is likely to find them and point them out before the year is over, but it won’t be me.  I will say that I noticed that the earlier promotional pictures of Megamind show him without the teeny chin beard.  I wonder if there is Megamind cartoon footage that shows him clean shaven all the way through the movie?  I wonder why they added the beard into the mix.  Hmm?

See? No beard for Mr. Big Blue Brains here.

And finally, let me leave you with this thought. Where would any super villain be without his faithful minions? Minions make everything possible, and it behooves all the megaminds and masterminds of the world to treat their minions well.  Megamind’s villain was an alien fish, but as alien fish go, he was the best I’ve ever seen.  Megamind would have been lost without him.


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  1. nice review, sounds like I’ll enjoy this one, I’m sure my nine-year-old son is going to want to see it.

  2. Chello!

    Plenty of people think supes is a…er, jerk. seems to be sown, but it has some awesome Sliver age covers (undoctored) that prove it. 🙂

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  4. Only people who thought Wondy was a natural connection for Supes are fanboys with the mentality of “ooh, matching costumes and matching powers. hawt.” People who actually understand and read Superman know better.

    When you see their worldviews clash, when you see how for all that Clark is genetically an alien, he is actually less foreign than Diana with her Themisycran ways. (he’s at heart a Kansas farmboy and he has said on more than one occasion that he does not understand how Diana could have done this or that. Her actions have repulsed him at times regarding killing).

    I suggest you read a comic book to see that without Lois, Superman has abandoned his humanity. In several comics stories, he has abandoned his life as Clark and went into isolation after she died. “There is no Clark Kent. He died with her.”

    He’s also acknowledged that as alien and supernatural as his life gets, coming home to Lois is what keeps him grounded. She keeps him grounded. Pick up a comic book. Idiot.

    • Hey, Fan, I’ve read tons of Superman comics. I know about the whole Lois Lane shtick. Don’t know where you’re getting your attitude from, but put it back in your pocket, and don’t be so free with the insults, or with reading things into other people’s comments.

  5. Hey, let’s count Superman’s girl friends, shall we? Lana Lang, the first, and to my mind, the one he should have stuck with. Lori Lemaris, the mermaid. Lois Lane. Wonder Woman. I’m not making this up–numerous Superman stories have been written about a Superman/Wonder Woman connection. Just because it doesn’t happen in the main continuity is no reason to totally discount it. Over the decades of Superman’s existence there have been dozens/maybe hundreds of women who have set him as their target boyfriend. I kind of like Chloe Sullivan from Smallville. Smart with heart. Don’t make assumptions from a few lines in a blog, Superman Fan–I probably know more about the character than you do.

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