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Last week I thought I was going to see Red in a sneak preview.  I had the free tickets and everything, but when I got to the theater, it was full.  No spy guy sneak preview for Atroll.

This week on Saturday, some friends invited me (and Corencio) to go see Red with them at the neighborhood theater.  At first I thought about turning them down, but thennnnnnnn . . . ah, what the heck, I wanted to see it anyway, and I needed to get out of the house.  I changed my mind and went to the movies.

And I’m glad I did.  Red, a production of D.C. Comics, is the feel good spy movie for the older generation.  Red is an acronym for Retired. Extremely Dangerous.  When the CIA decided to put a hit on a retired super spy black ops guy named Frank Moses, they bit off more than they could chew. 

The plot is a typical corruption in high places sort of thing.  I’m not gonna tell you about it, except to say that there are plenty of bullets and explosions and riding around the country.  There’s a young hitman vs. old hitman angle that’s kind of funny.  Fifty year old Bruce Willis kidnaps himself a girlfriend only half his age, and makes it work.    She does zing him with a line about wishing he had hair.

It’s the over-the-hill gang, back in action to save their own lives, and restore democracy to America.  I liked it.  But then, I’m pretty far over the hill myself, and fantasizing about the days when I was a superhero is about all I have left.  Nice to see the movies playing to those fantasies.


But this is the movie I'm really looking forward to.



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