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I’ve been thinking about what I would do for Atroll’s 100th posting here.  I thought about a retrospective where I went back and looked at some the best blogs I’ve done over the last year.  I thought about featuring the Star Wars Poetry Slam that I’m going to attend tonight.  But then something came up that blew both of those ideas away.

As I drove my son to college this morning and listened to the Doug and Wolf Show on KTAR radio 620 A.M., I heard them say they were broadcasting from the Fry’s Store at 44th Street and Thomas Road.  That’s not far from where I live.  It occurred to me that it would be fun to see what these guys look like in the real world.  After dropping my son at his school, I went home and grabbed my camera and headed over to the store.

As I approached, I saw they had a display up at the store’s front door telling people they were there.

The first sign that I was in the right place.


Walking in, I stopped to admire the haunted house that Fry’s had set up.  They built it completely out of a bit of fabric and a lot of 12 packs of Coca-Cola products.  Yay, it’s Halloween!

Instinctively turning right, I quickly found my way to the broadcast area.  I recognized Doug Franz right away.  He looks younger in person than in his publicity photo on the KTAR website.  He was certainly at the center of the whole performance, and a lively job it was, too.  I had feared there would be an enormous crowd there, and I wouldn’t be able to get near them, but there were only half a dozen people including me, and some of those were Fry’s store personnel.  That’s great for me.  It meant I would actually get a chance to talk to them.

Doug Franz, in red, at the micorphone.


One question to a young woman in KTAR clothing quickly directed me to FunKaty and Ron Wolfley who were over to the side. (By the way, Katy got a profile shot into my picture of Doug.)  Wolf was eating a donut as I approached.  That was great.  The Doug and Wolf show has been doing a running gag about Wolf’s love for donuts for years that I’ve been listening to them.  I asked him if I could have a picture of him with the current donut in his life and Wolf graciously agreed.

That's Wolf in the background. The donut is almost gone.


After he finished the donut I stepped up and shook hands with Wolf. He comes across as a very friendly guy.  I told him how much I enjoyed his show every day, and appreciated his comments on the air.  What more does a fan have to say to a star?  We like their work. They make us happy.  Tell them and then get out of the way.  Much is made on the show of what a big guy Wolf is–after all he was a fullback in the NFL for ten years.  The truth is, he isn’t really that big.  He’s a little bigger than me–maybe 3 inches and 30 pounds.  That’s not huge.  Don’t let Doug rag on you about your size, Wolf.  You look like you’re really in pretty good shape for a donut-loving man.

And then came the best moment of the morning.  I asked if I could get a picture of FunKaty.  Sweetheart that she is, she suggested that we  take a picture together.  Here it is friends, proof positive that the Trollgodfather really does get to meet and hang out (at least briefly) with beautiful women.  The lovely Brittany, a KTAR employee who you will see just down the screen, took this picture for me.  It was certainly the high point of my morning, and probably my month.  Thank you, Katy, for your graciousness.

Trollgodfather (aka Atroll) meets FunKaty. She is a ray of sunshine and a marketing director for KTAR.


I got there just at the end of the show.  I got to see Wolf do his famous “ARE YOU TALKING TO MEEEEEEEEE?” schtick.  It is a much anticipated moment on the show every morning where he calls out some famous person, place, or thing.  I was kinda still talking to Katy when he did it, so I missed who he called out this morning.  A bit later I heard another fan there tell Wolf about the time his 11-year old son imitated him by doing a “ARE YOU TALKING TO MEEEEEE, PEPPERONI?” while pizza was being cooked at home.  Very funny.


The radio show came to its conclusion.  Wolf did a banjo picker imitation, and the Word of the Day proved to be ‘BANJO”.  I ought to go login at and get my all-star rewards points. Yes, I’m a KTAR all-star. 🙂  I’ll do that when I finish this blog.

There were a few other KTAR notables present who helped make the radio show work.  I took their pictures also.

Brittany answered questions, and sold donuts (sadly, I didn't get any) and took my picture with Katy. She was a credit to the whole operation, and I enjoyed meeting her.


Farmer Rod Lincoln is the show's producer. He's the handsome guy in the gray shirt in the center of the photo.


I think this is a good picture. Wolf has his back to me; Farmer Rod is doing stuff on his computer to make the show work, Doug is looking at the camera, and the guy in the background is the sound man. I think Katy told me his name was Bob.  As a crew they worked together smoothly, and they put on a fine show this morning.  It’s 3 hours later now, and I’m still kind of jazzed that I could be there to watch them and talk to Katy and Wolf.  This is the most fun I’ve had all week.


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  1. What a spectacular day. Sounds like fun. Stars mixing it up with each other.

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