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When it comes to fighting monster robots, there simply is no substitute for super strength.

When the new Magnus comic appeared in August 2010, I barely gave it a glance.  I’ll admit that I read more than my share of science fiction, but what I really like is jungles, dinosaurs, swordfights–not aircars and marauding robots. However, when I saw Magnus #2 on Wednesday at Samurai Comics, I decided to go back and buy it after all.  I have mixed emotions about this title, and don’t know if I’ll stay with it or not.

But now that I’m getting well into my dotage, I must admit a certain fondness for the things I liked in my youth.  One of those things was Magnus Robot Fighter.  Magnus first appeared in 1963, the creation of Russ Manning, imho, one of comics’ all-time best artists.  I believe it was the clean, dynamic, sexy Manning art that first attracted me to the series.  Russ Manning had been doing the Brothers of the Spear backup comics in Dell’s Tarzan during the fifties, and even then when I was just a teenager I thought he was about the best comics artist in the business.  When I saw his work on Magnus, of course I picked it up and started buying it.


This tale of Men vs. Robots came out long before the Terminator movies.

In the year 4000 C.E. the planet earth will be covered with continent-spanning cities consisting of towers that are at least a mile high.  Everyone will have a flying car, and a huge staff of robots that will do all the work.  And all the women will be young, lovely, and quite stupid.  They will spend all their time parading around in lingerie. Victoria’s Secret will rule the world.  In fact, the very first woman we see in the new Magnus series is named Cinnette Victoria, and she sleeps in her underwear–lovely blue underwear it is, too.

Magnus comes in through the window. Ms. Victoria says "oh!" Evil froglike thug robots appear in the next panel--they used the door.

I’m not complaining, but the character’s name and apparel come straight out of a Victoria’s Secret calalog.  Jim Shooter, you are a naughty boy.  For that matter, look at Magnus.  All he is really wearing is a kind of skintight tunic with a belt around it.  The 1963 version of Magnus was clearly wearing shorts.  The 2010 version of Magnus is clearly wearing a skirt.  I’m kind of wondering if you could see his privates if you looked up at him from below.  This outfit is Victoria’s Secret lingerie for men.

Part of the attraction of the Magnus comics was the lovely Leeja Clane, the fiery redhead who served as the love interest and robot-fighting partner for Magnus.  She was fabulous in the sixties . . .

Leeja started out as a speeder resisting arrest. For a senator's daughter she proved to be quite a scofflaw. Magnus himself started as an outlaw.

And just look at her outfit in the latest incarnation.

Leeja's dress looks like daytime lingerie. She is barely covered.

By page 4 of the second issue of Magnus, Leeja is completely naked.  As one bad guy says in the last panel on the page, “she ain’t hiding nothing.”.  The truth is that you have to use your imagination if you want to dream on lovely Leeja–the art is fairly discrete for nudity, but we never got anything like this back in the 60s and 70s.

Jim Shooter tells a good story.  Magnus is pretty much the same character he was back in the 60s–it’s just the women who are racier.  The first story wraps up at the end of issue 2.  I don’t know if I’ll buy issue 3 or not. 

One thing worth mentioning is that the first issue of the new Magnus Robot Fighter, like the first issue of Turok Son of Stone included a complete reprint of the original issue #1 of Magnus.  That’s a pretty sweet deal, and kudos to Dark Horse for including the root stories of both series in their books.  I kinda wish they’d maintain the parallelism and continue reprinting the old Magnus stories in the back of the new ones.

I’m enthusiastic about the new Turok–I don’t know about the new Magnus, but I do know that adventure comics fans really ought to pick up the number 1 issues of both titles.  They are a treat for the eyes and the old nostalgia gland.



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3 responses to “Magnus Robot Fighter & Victoria’s Secret

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  1. The image for the modern version below the ’70’s version does not appear on my screen.


  2. Several issues into the 1960s series, as I recall, Magnus was wearing a mini-skirt. I do agree that Dark Horse should reprint the original stories with the newer ones — I would certainly pick up new printings of Russ Manning’s comics!

    –Grandpa Tzhett

  3. The most irritating thing to me is people do not get is that Manning’s Magnus, Robot Fighter, is a Tarzan of the future. The “skirt” that everyone seems to complain about has always been there from the beginning -not a pair of shorts (Do your research.)- is a futuristic version of Tarzan’s lioncloth. And the idea of seeing something from below is ridiculous, since more than once Manning had shown (Again, do your research.) that Magnus is very much covered.

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