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Way back in the day, there were only two comic companies worth following: D.C. Comics with its superheroes, and Dell Comics that did everything else.  Dell had its own hero books, but they were a more naturalistic bunch–Tarzan of the Apes, Turok Son of Stone and a few others.

This second week in October is a heck of a good week for comics. Not only has Warlord of Mars appeared from Dynamite, but Turok Son of Stone has appeared in a magnificent 48 page spectacular from Dark Horse Comics.  I had no intention of buying Turok when I went by Samurai Comics on Wednesday, but one look at it, and I was hooked.  I also wound up getting Magnus Robot Fighter #1 and #2.  I loved these comics when I was a kid, although  I didn’t collect them the way I did with Tarzan.  Turok certainly had the same appeal as Tarzan–savage men in even more savage worlds.  Heh.  I guess we love our opposites. I’m about as savage as a kleenex in the real world.

Excedrin headache number two--two as in Turok!

The story begins with Turok rescuing Andar from a far-flung company of Aztec warriors.  These exiles from Azcapotzalco and their leader Maxtla are a thousand miles from their home in the Valley of Mexico, and they can’t find anything better to do than slaughter the Native Americans of Texas to their bloodthirsty gods.  Well, the story certainly starts with a bang, then moves to a thrilling chase, and continues with a timestorm that hurls them all into either an alternate universe or a prehistoric era when dinosaurs walked the earth. Nonstop action, magnificent art, breathless storytelling from Jim Shooter–what is not to like?  The art by Eduardo Francisco and color by Jose Villarrubia is incredible–clean, crisp, dynamic in every panel. 

Dark Horse comics has been bringing out new versions of old heroes.  Turok and Magnus and Dr. Solar are three of them.  I never cared for Dr. Solar, so I will probably give his new incarnation a pass, but I’ve signed on for the other two.

As a special bonus, Dark Horse uses the second half of the 48 page book to reprint the very first Turok adventure from 1954.  The art and the story for the original look almost as good as this 2010 reincarnation.  Turok and Andar start out together in the original tale and descend through a sinkhole and a cavern with an underground river into a strange underground world where dinosaurs still exist.  That place is huge.  Either they’ve gone to Pellucidar the easy way, or they’ve slipped into some kind of alternate world also.  I had never seen the first Turok story before–what I remember was that they were trapped in a canyon with unclimbable sides.  I don’t think Turok and Andar ever did get out of there.

Searching the internet for images of Turok Son of Stone is a delightful quest.  Those old Dell comics from the fifties have the best comic book catalog of hungry dinosaurs ever.  Behold!

The very first Turok comic. He is wisely avoiding the large predators.

For a real treat, take yourself to http://www.coverbrowser.com/covers/turok-son-of-stone and browse through all those old covers from the fifties.  For a continuing treat, start reading the new Turok series as soon as you can get a copy.


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  1. ugh!

    I loved this as a kid back in the 70s! Gold Key/Whitman reprints!

  2. Paleontologists and anthropologists will take a single look at that last cover, and howl with Holy Outrage: it is a cannononical SIN to include Man & Dinosaur in the same picture! 🙂

  3. All you had to do was ask and you could have come over to read my copy of Turok #1. The early issues are also being reproduced in hardcover.

  4. I’ve been enjoying Dynamite’s new The Last Phantom. It’s a great update of the franchise.

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