I Crashed CopperCon and Got a Free Game   1 comment

I got tired of sitting around the house yesterday. Gathering my teen sidekicks, Corencio and Harley, I took my trusty Dragon Shadowfist deck and headed out to Extreme East Nowhere (eastern Mesa, Arizona) to see what was happening at CopperCon.

After arriving at the Con hotel (the Windermere–I was here for RandomCon earlier this year), we wandered into the gaming room. I talked to Joey, a Steve Jackson MIB, who was wearing white for this con and demoing games.  A friendly guy, a great demoer, he had time on his hands. As we tried to decide what to play, I finally voted for the easiest thing–Steve Jackson’s Zombie Dice!  When Isaid “Let’s play Zombie Dice”, Jason Youngdale, the guy running the Games Room, turned around from the next table, and handed me . . .

Lots of zombie dice in this cylinder.

“This is for being a big-name game designer,” he said.

“Wow! Thanks!” I said.

(St. Andre isn’t that big a name. LOL)

Zombie Dice is about as easy as a game can get. It features dice in the splatter colors of green, red, and yellow.  The dice have 3 symbols: a brain, footsteps, and and explosion representing a shotgun blast.  The green dice have the most brains, the red dice have the most blasts, the yellow dice are even.  Roll 3 dice. Each brain rolled is a score–you save it. Runners are roll again. Explosions put an end to your cannibal zombie career. Three of them in a turn will take you down.  Roll as many brains as you can. Stop when you want to. Three blasts and you lose all your brains for that turn.  Play proceeds around  the group clockwise. First player to reach 13 brains wins. Players behind him have a chance to tie or pass him.  The only element of strategy is in knowing when to stop.

We're just about to start our zombie feasting. That's me in the hat.

It’s a good game to break the ice and get a few laughs.

. . .

With the zombies behind us, we finally got to playing some Shadowfist.  Two epic games with 6 players each–my son Corencio won both of them. (For those who wonder–Corencio and James St. Andre) are the same person.

It was an afternoon well spent, even if it did cost me a quarter of a tank of gas to drive out there and back. My thanks to Jason, Joey, Paul, and the good folks at CopperCon who allowed me to crash their game room. I did not eat any Con food; I did not attend any Con panels or things; I didn’t even take any free posters from the tables in the lobby. I just gamed for a few hours with some friends.  What better way could there be to spend a Sunday afternoon?

Going around the table: invisible Jason Youngdale, Paul Tanton, Talon in red, Ken St. Andre, Corencio, and Harley.

My compliments to Jason Youngdale, a  young man who has been running local convention gaming rooms for some time now and doing an excellent job of it.  He also took the two big photos in this blog and many more which you can see on his Facebook page. Thanks for letting me use the photos, Jason, and thanks again for making CopperCon fun for all we gamers.


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  1. Glad you had fun, Khenn. I plan on getting a set of Zombie Dice one day, glad to hear it is an enjoyable distraction!

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