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Incredible model dungeon built by hand

My title says it all. There was more good stuff at this GenCon than I could even see. I brought very little of it home with me. I didn’t even get into any of the tournament halls, or the 24 hour a day gaming auction. I didn’t see every booth, didn’t admire every artist, didn’t talk to every writer. My friend Michael Stackpole was at the convention. I saw him twice. Hi, Mike. Bye, MIke. We didn’t even have a chance to talk.

This was also the Con for hall costumes. Back in the day, gamers simply wore their most outrageous t-shirts to cons. There is still plenty of that, but now is the era of fabulous hall costumes. Superheroes, furries, sci-fi characters, zombies, elves, monsters of most delectable appearance, they all roamed the halls of GenCon, and were a delight to see. I hope the people who put on the costumes had as much fun showing off as I did in watching them. Most of the rest of this blog is going to be my pictures of the coolest costumes that I saw.

And it’s mostly pictures from here on in because I spent most of my time behind the Buffalo table waiting for people to give me their money for Tunnels & Troll, Lost Worlds, and Nuclear War.  After a while, I just sat there hoping that someone in a great costume would come by and let me take their picture.

Steampunk Girl. Steampunk seems to be gaining in popularity--it's everywhere now.

I wonder if Phil Foglio’s epic work on the Girl Genius web comic ( is driving this enormous surge of steamy popularity, or if it’s just another symptom of our desire to return to a past that never was but should have been.  Or, perhaps, it is the rise of the costumers. Have you noticed that there seem to be more and more people selling all kinds of costumes and weaponry at the cons lately? Yes, there have always been some, but now their booths are everywhere. And, if you buy a great costume, or make one for yourself, you are certainly entitled and encouraged to wear it and show it off.

Harley and the Joker stopped by to say hello. He must have been in a good mood--he didn't kill me.

Why don't women dress like this in the real world?

White Wolf didn't bring games--they brought booze. Their hostess was very alluring, but not quite human--look at her eyes.

White Wolf brought a party to GenCon–one that I didn’t get to attend. I wasn’t dressed for it–no hall costume for me. They played their music so loudly that it drowned out almost everything else at the Con. Sometimes it was okay, but mostly I hated their music. I dreamed about organizing a stampede to rush their booth, knock it down, and stomp all that decadent luxury and noise into shards and flinders.  Didn’t do it though.

Storm Trooper and Mandalorian--they should be blasting each other instead of walking around like buddies.

Hello, Sailor! You are just too cute.

Kirsten, our busty Buffalo booth babe. Her help and dazzling personality did a lot to make the trip successful for Flying Buffalo, Inc.


Tank Girl had to leave her vehicle in a parking lot like everyone else.


These blue babes had horns and tails. I'm not sure if they're Pandorans or simply new creations. They were so fabulous that I sent Sligo to track them down and bring them back to me to be photographed.


Dark elf with slave in tow. At first I thought Drizzt do'Urden had paid us a visit, but he kept insisting he was not a nice guy, and I wasn't about to argue with him.


These slaves were wandering around without their keeper. They wouldn't let me keep them either, but they did pose for the man in the battered hat.


Their were plenty of elves at the Con. This one was quiet, modest, and utterly beautiful and perfect.


Wonder Woman came by a few times. Neither trolls nor Nuclear War suited her fancy, but she has a great smile.


Mr. and Mrs. Livingstone, I preseum. What great outfits for exploring the jungles of GenCon!



The Minions of Cthulhu were everywhere at GenCon. Mostly humanoid, they had wiggly green tentacles where there chin should have been.


Steve Jackson didn’t come to GenCon this year, but his minions were hard at work showing off Cthulhu dice and Zombie Dice and all their other great products. It’s always a pleasure to meet with Jackson’s Men in Black.


And that concludes my review of hall costumes at GenCon.  My final report will focus a bit more on people that I saw at the Con.

(to be continued) 

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  2. Good photos.

  3. O for Awesome. More please.

  4. The Flying Buffalo girl is very suited to her job, except for the Flying.

  5. thanks for the girl photos. My wife came in while onr was on the screen, she wanted to know if any of them showed up at TrollCon, lucky for me chain mail girl was only at the party

  6. The blue horned and tailed girls are dranei from World of Warcraft.

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