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Let’s try something new. Instead of leading off with a still from a movie, let’s lead off with the trailer.

After BuffaTroll Con last weekend, three of us went to see the new movie Sorcerer’s Apprentice late Sunday afternoon. It was a good way to come down after a weekend of gaming.  If you watched the trailer just now, you saw most of the movie. You missed the big fire in the sky finale, but caught most of the key points.

I expected to like Sorcerer’s Apprentice–how could I not like something that invoked the names of Merlin and Morgan le Fay? Special effects galore, a likeable nerd for a hero, and Nicholas Cage being the reincarnation of Gene Wilder. Even though Cage is bigger than Wilder, the mad hair and the wacky incidents, and the sarcastic humor made me think of Gene every time Cage’s Balthazar was onscreen. And I did like it. But maybe because I’m an old codger who actually knows the legends this movie butchered to  come up with a plot, I didn’t really love it. It was a major exercise in nerdity uber alles. It turned King Arthur’s aunt, Morgan Le Fay from a spiteful Queen of Faery into a nutcase out to destroy the world. That’s just wrong. I’ll give the movie 3 stars.

The movie had young love, old love, and evil love. It had a car chase scene through the streets of New York City that would have made Bullit lose his cookies.  It had the world’s coolest Tesla coils, and they were actually important to the plot.  Our hero, Dave, chosen by fate to be the Prime Merlinian–it took me the longest time to figure out what they were saying–for half the movie I thought they were calling him the Prime Meridian, and that didn’t make sense at all–is a physics nerd doing research with massive Tesla coils and Jacob’s Ladders, and he learns to turn the electric discharges into audible music–don’t know if it’s really possible, but it seemed very cool to me in the movie.

Not a scene from the movie but there were similar displays of flying electricity

Since this is a Disney movie and Disney had already done Sorcerer’s Apprentice as a Mickey Mouse cartoon, there had to be the classic scene with the Mops running Amok.  Frankly, that was my favorite scene in the movie–just a madcap romp of mops going berserk.  Oddly enough, I can’t find that scene from the movie on the internet, so I’ll have to settle for Mickey’s mops in action.

Well, it was fun, as most Disney movies are fun. The wizards all had magic without limit–none of the budgeting their spell points that we put up with in our roleplaying games. As usual these days, the special effects artists are the true heroes of the film. I doubt there will be any Academy Award nominations for the acting–although it was believable enough, but it may well be in the running next year for special effects.

You should see this movie, preferably with a kid.  You’ll enjoy it.


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  2. Here’s some nice harmony with two Tesla coils playing the song from the Super Mario Brothers video game:

    Cage was a horrible casting choice. “Raising Arizona”? Perfect. Here, he was below average.

  3. Definitely a fun movie. I had the same problems with the use of Morgan, and the name “Prime Merliinian”, though I heard “Prime Millenium” the first several times.

    Singing Tesla Coils? The first time Tesla Coils were mentioned, I whispered to Dementia that the only really interesting thing you could do with Tesla Coils was make them sing; I had a big grin on my face when they did just that.

    Here are a couple of addtional examples:

    Doctor Who Theme:

    Imperial March, from Star Wars:

    What the videos don’t capture is how ear-splittlingly LOUD the things are.

    I really hope “Apprentice” does well enough to spawn a sequel, but that seems REALLY unlikely.


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