Shadowfist Night

Tuesday, July 6, suddenly turned into a pretty good day for me when I got a phone call at work from my son Corencio asking if he could attend an evening of Shadowfist gaming at Samurai Comics.  Of course I said yes, so long as he got a good chunk of his college homework done before leaving the house.

A few hours later I drove up to the very cool place that is Samurai Comics on East Camelback Road in Phoenix.

Not only  does Samura have a great selection of comics and games, but they made room for gamers to sit down and have a good time. I hope that makes a few extra dollars for them, but it’s certainly a boon to those of us who need a place to play.

There were six people playing Shadowfist, and some others playing Magic when I arrived. The Shadowfist Master of Phoenix, Paul Tanton, also known as Tmuwo of Trollhalla, seemed happy to see me, and set me up for the next round of play. I borrowed an Architects of the Flesh deck from son Corencio, and bought a Jones cola to ease my parched throat.

Here’s my sacrilegious statement of the day. I consider Shadowfist to be a better card game than Magic. They are both very excellent games, and good for the mind, but Shadowfist has more scope, and more creative game mechanics than Magic does. It isn’t as well known, but it’s the better game in terms of pure game design.

Mike, probably the best Shadowfist player in Phoenix.

Don’t let his looks fool you. Mike, here, will lull other playes into a false sense of security and then just smile and eat them all up. When I play in a game with Mike in it, I always try and convince all the other players to take him out first.  It hardly ever works–he’s that good.

Harley looks like he's losing this one.

This picture is Corencio’s best friend Harley. We converted him into a Shadowfist player, and he’s always up for a game.

Trollgod at the table. I'm winning.

Here’s a picture of me in action. In all due humility, I have my two opponents on the ropes. Too bad we ran out of time before the game ended.

It didn’t take much to make me happy. A few guys got together, played cards, and had some fun. All too soon 8 p.m. arrived, and Samurai Comics had to close. Ray, who was minding the store, gave us a few extra minutes to wrap things up, and then we were done. I know that if Paul has his way, this will become a regular event at Samurai Comics. I would like to see that happen, but I don’t know if I could attend them all. However, this session was very fine.

Ray thinking, how can I get these guys out of here?

My thanks to Mike and Moriya Banks, the owners of Samurai Comics, for making this gaming space available, and to Ray for manning the post while we gamed. If you’re reading this, and in the Phoenix area, we’re going to be having lots more gaming fun at Random Con this weekend. Check it out at:  Come on out and game with me!


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