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A Couple months ago I put up a list of all the things I was trying to read.  I thought I’d go back and tell you how I’m doing.

Number 1.  I finished this book last week. My actual favorite story was a novella called In-Between Heroes. It took up about 1/3 of the book, and was almost as long as Marl’s Tale. It’s a roleplaying adventure, but it ends with the resolution of one quest, and starts with the beginning of another. In that time between adventures, the characters manage to get three of their five members turned to stone, and thwart a demonic invasion of the world. The rogue learns some magic, an undying elf becomes an undead zombie, and a romance begins for two party  members. At times the story is kind of slow, but it really gives one more of the feeling of life in the fantasy world than the hectic pace of your standard dungeon crawl. The author, Jeff Freels, has a site here: http://jfreels.com/.  I encourage my readers to visit his site and buy this book.


Number 2.  Excellent graphic novel and fairy tale for young adults.



Number 3. I started reading this last week. It didn’t hold my attention, and has fallen down to the bottom of my reading list. On the other hand, my 19-year old son raced through it and apparently loved it.



Number 4. Boring!  I did about 50 pages and decided I don’t have to read this series by Cook.  Unlikeable characters in a pseudo-renaissance plot–never mind!


Number 5. Finished it.  Average kind of  Wild Cards anthology. A pretty good story–weakened by having too many authors writing too many different points of view.

Number 6.  I’m almost finished with it. I pick it up and do a chapter when there is nothing else to do. 

Number 7. Once again I picked up AN EMPIRE UNACQUAINTED WITH DEFEAT thinking that it would be more  fantasy fiction like his Black Company novels. It isn’t. It turns out that this is an anthology of some of Glen’s earlier fantasy short stories.  In those days he wrote like a combination of Robert E. Howard and Fritz Leiber. That is exactly the way I’d like to be able to write.  These stories are less grim and more amusing.  I’ve finished them all now, and though they were entertaining, I take back my high praise from the earlier review. The first story was the best of the lot, imho.  Some of the stories seemed rather pointless, and I don’t see how or why they garnered so much critical praise back in the 80s when he first released them.

Number 8.  It turned out that I had read this before. The further into it I got, the more I remembered it. The further into it I got, the more familiar it seemed, until I could start predicting what happened next. The Garrett novels are just as funny on re-reading, but I don’t really have time to read books twice.  There are so many other good things that I would be skipping to do so.

Villiany at its most incompetent--funny stuff.


Number 9.  At the beginning of June I took the family on a trip around northern Arizona–we do this every year, mostly I think for the incomparable luxury of sleeping on the beds at Little America. When we passed through Sedona, we looked for our favorite bookstore–the Golden Word. It is Sedona’s finest bookstore, and it specializes in the New Age/Occult sort of thing. There’s usually a tiny bit of sci-fi and fantasy. And all kinds of magical gear can be bought there–from crystal balls to incense to pewter wizards and dragons. Tis a very cool shop, and we like it a lot. It moved, and we almost couldn’t find it again. I bought just one book there this year.  It’s the scripts for the Black Adder comedy series–a BBC production of several years back. If you saw them on tv, you’ll realize what a treasure this is. If you didn’t you’ll probably think I’m raving mad.  These episodes should be sampled–one a week perhaps, instead of guzzled down from start to finish.  It’s 433 years of British cowardice and venality compiled into a single volume of scripts.  I didn’t know it existed, and thus it turned into a spectacular find for me. Now that you know it exists, it would be relatively easy to get  your own copy. 

I never read Pride and Prejudice before.

Number 10. I have actually gone through quite a few graphic novels since my earlier post about these books. I finished PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES tonight in a single sitting. Tis a fiendishly clever redo of Jane Austen’s novel, and comes across as a brilliant satire of the 18th century British aristocracy. Martial arts has been added to the mixture. My one comment is that the graphic novel seems to have been rushed into print. It’s all black and white, and in many places seems to be unfinished pencil work. In places the art is brilliant, but much of it looks like hurried sketches thrown together to keep the story moving.  I wonder why they published the book this way–it seems incomplete and only half done.  Oh well, I’m sure the same could be said of some of the stuff that I’ve done. There is only so much energy available for some projects, and when the energy is gone, the project is done, whether it meets some external critic’s criteria or not.  

 Talk about your stiff upper lips–the zombie apocalypse is just a damned inconvenience to British Society.


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  1. Black Adder was awesome. I love the idea of scripts for favorite British televised work. Two examples: one night I downloaded the script of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Then I proceeded to read/act it out — the entire thing — in one sitting one day during my college years in front of a few friends. It was exhausting and hilarious. My geek factor was amplified 10 fold, and now I can have fun saying I did it years later. Second example: the scripts for the Star Wars NPR Radio Dramatizations–I have the 1st (ANH) & 3rd (ROTJ). They are wonderful. The radio dramas themselves are masterpieces. Reliving the memories from my youth spent listening to them by reading the scripts, now that’s some good reading.

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