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Toy Story 3 starts with a great action sequence–the Potato Heads are pulling a train robbery, and Sherrif Woody is trying to stop them.  I kind of liked the part where the train full of screaming Norphins goes off the blown-up bridge. Buz Lightyear shows unexpected power in catching it and rescuing Woody and the Norphins.

Andy's Toys Face a Challenge They Can't Win

Movies that remind me of my own mortality always make me sad. While everyone around me is cheering the happy ending of Toy Story 3–yes, it has one, no I won’t tell you what it is–I’m practically in tears with a big old lump in my throat.

Toys depend on their owners–nothing sadder than a toy that isn’t played with any more–at least that’s what the producers of Toy Story 3 would have us believe. Woody, Buzz, and all the rest of the toys in Toy Story 3 belonged to a kid named Andy. The kid and the toys had great adventures together like the one that opened the movie . . . . but that was years ago. Andy has grown up and doesn’t play with those old toys anymore. It looks like the trashcan, the Day Care Center, or the Attic for them.  Andy’s toys are not the kind of toys to take such a fate lying down.

They wind up at the Day Care Center, which looks like a veritable paradise for neglected toys. There are plenty of kids who want to play with toys there.  But it turns out to be The Other Place when the toys all get sent to the Toddler’s Room–a nonstop destruction derby.  Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! Run screaming–that’s what the little ones do, and you should, too.

There is a berry, berry, bad bear in this movie.  No Emperor Zerg, but a tyrant is still a tyrant.

Never trust a Chartreuse Teddy Bear.

The theme of Toy Story 3 is Abandonment. That’s a very sad topic indeed, no matter whether you are tha  Abandoner or the Abandoned.  Yet, the movie was a blast. Abandonment doesn’t usually have a happy ending in the real world, but for toys, at least, there may be a way out.


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