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I have been thinking about it lately, and I’d say the greatest comic book writer ever is Alan Moore, the British magician.  I rate him the best based on the stuff of his I’ve read, and the movies that have been made from his books.

Will Eisner, Jerry Siegel, Bob Kane, Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, Chris Claremont, and Roy Thomas were or are truly great comic book creators. Their characters and some of their stories will last as long as comic book literature is remembered. In my humble opinion, Alan Moore is better.

Maybe he gets his strength/inspirtions from his hair.

That’s a picture of the young Alan Moore.  You can real all about him here: He got his start in British comics where he did such things as Dr. Who and . . .

He has worked for both Marvel and D.C. and doesn’t think either company treated him fairly or kept their end of the bargain.  Some of his best work includes: (probably not in this order)

about Jack the Ripper

The Joker finally makes Batman laugh.

I don't know what this is about. Must look into it.

Bad art turned me away from this without knowing what I was missing.

Promethea is my goddess.

In my humble opinion, the Promethea series was the best work Moore has ever done. Moore explains magic in these books and his psychedelic artist captures it all perfectly. I loved this so much that I actually went to Amazon and bought all the graphic novels.

They truly are extraordinary.

He's just Mr. Fantastic with muscles and weirder friends.

Brings out the rebel in all of us.

Deconstruct superheroes all you want, Alan, I still like them.

And this is what the very hairy Mr. Moore looked like in 2008.  I’m so jealous.  He kept his hair.

How could one man have done so much great stuff in his life? Maybe a better question is, how can the rest of us have done so little?


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5 responses to “The Greatest Comic Book Writer Ever

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  1. I have to agree to put Alan Moore in the top. Personally, I loved the Watchmen–the book–although the movie was also good. It definitely stuck to the book. I’m a hug fan of Joss Whedon’s run of Astonishing X-Men — the first 25 issues. If you can find that and read it, you’ll probably fall in love with the X-Men like me, if you aren’t already. I betcha the local library may have them collected…. Of course a lot of folks love Whedon for some of the other stuff he’s done before and after, but I’ll always sing his praises first for what he did with the Astonishing X-Men.

  2. Most of the comic books I’ve read were published in the 1970s and 80s, and I’m not familiar with any of the comics you mention here. Probably my loss. Still, I’d have to go with Roy Thomas, the writer for many of the Conan the Barbarian comics, as my favorite comic book writer. The Conan comics were instrumental in getting me interested in fantasy fiction, such as Lord of the Rings. This interest in fantasy lead me to spend some hard-earned dollars on my first copy of the Tunnels and Trolls rules way back when.

  3. Agreed. Alan Moore is a genius of the first order. The only other comicbook author who comes remotely close to him is Dan Abnett in my opinion.

  4. Since you don’t mention Frank Miller, I’m probably annoying you just by mentioning him here. Even if “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns” was pretty much the reason that I didn’t give up on comics when I turned 13.

    So I’ll second the nomination Of Will Eisner. I’ve only read a little of “The Spirit”, but I can really get into a book that isn’t afraid to be silly, and isn’t afraid to be serious. Too bad the recent movie never found its audience, though.

  5. Jack Kirby, Bill Finger, Bill Parker, Gerry Conway, Paul Levitz, Denny O’Neil, David A. Kraft, Elliott S. Maggin, and Jack C. Harris.

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