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Friday night, May 14, son Corencio and I stayed at LepreCon especially for the purpose of participating in Marty Massoglia’s Regency Period Dance instruction. We had danced with Marty a couple of times in the past, and although I have two left feet, I enjoyed it, as did Corencio, who was eager to attend this one.

However, there weren’t many people at the ballroom this year–only 6 of us. We practiced the basic Georgian line dance. Practice was all it was. I couldn’t call it dancing.

Ideally, the dance should have looked like this:


But in reality, it looked more like this:


except that these guys look about three times as good as we did last night.

But Corencio and I did the lesson anyway. Perhaps we’ll be better at regency dance the next time we get to try it. Here’s a brief description of the dance for you:

Men and women stand in two lines facing each other, not touching, but alternating: man woman, man woman, etc.  As the music starts the couples pass each other in fours steps to the right and turn to face each other. Repeat that to return to original positions. Then do a back to back where the partners circle each other being briefly back to back and return to original position in eight steps. Now men turn to their left, women turn to their right to face a new partner. Repeat the passes to the right, and the back to back, then turn back to the orignal partner. Take one step up, join hands and revolve around each other 360 degrees, exchanging arch glances and flirtatious remarks–you dance divinely, Miss M.. Then turn in line and join hands with the person beside you, revolve 1.5 times while linked so that the couples exchange places in line. Turn back to your original parner. Now the woman and the man separate and perform a figure 8 motion between and around the couple they just changed places with finally returning to the places they started. These actions are all taken by the A couples in the line. The B couples are the ones who get danced around in the figure 8 movement. They make all the same moves except they don’t get to traipse around in a figure 8.

This pattern of steps will make the A couples progress toward the foot of the line while the B couples progress toward the head of the line. And sometime during the dance each man dances with each woman and vice versa.

Due to lack of people and the fact that Sci Fi jeopardy was going on next door, we only practiced the one dance. We had a much better turnout last year.

My lovely and talented instructor, Marty Massoglia is a Los Angeles sci fi book dealer who attends lots of cons in the western U.S. He’s wearing blue jeans.

Marty and his wife Alice have been teaching regency dance for decades at western SF conventions. If you get a chance to dance with him, you should go for it. It’s always a lot of fun.



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