Bullets in the Night   2 comments

Dreams are a form of entertainment, and mine have been bizarre lately.  Normally, I wouldn’t mention them, but one dream has been recurring. If a dream comes back again and again, does it mean that your subconscious is trying to tell you something? Or is it an omen from an even higher power?

I usually forget my dreams. Sometimes I remember vaguely what happened or what  I felt–yes I say felt instead of saw because very often these nocturnal visions leave me with more feelings than images.  But for the last three nights, I’ve been getting the same image, and it bothers me.

I always dream that I’m meeting with a group of friends, and that we are opening packages. My package is about 9 inches square, 3 inches deep, wrapped in plain brown paper. and tied with white kite string.  It looks like a box of cookies from Grandma, but when I open it up, the contents of the box are bullets. I counted them last night–there were 50 large caliber shells inside. There was a hand-written note that said “For Practice.”

That left me wondering where I’m going to get a firearm that can use these bullets. They remind me of the shells I used for My M-1 rifle back in ROTC in 1966. I don’t find a gun, and a few minutes later I wake up vaguely worried about it all.

I have had approximately the same dream three times running since last Wednesday night. Each time there was a meeting I had to attend, a box I had to open, and bullets inside it. Then my “friends” disappear, leaving me alone with a box of bullets.

The one time I noticed who had sent me the bullets, it turned out to be the U.S. government. They/It also sent me the note telling me to practice. But I never see a gun, and no shots are fired in my dreams.

I am not a gun person. I don’t even own a firearm, and I haven’t fired one in the last twenty years. Thus, it’s a bit alarming to be dreaming of bullets. In a real life coincidence, I took some clothes to local laundromat on Friday, and while I was drying them, I found a single hollowpoint bullet lying on a drying table. Just the bullet.

I have weird dreams all the time, which I mostly forget. When they start to repeat, I remember them. Why the hell am I dreaming about a box of bullets?

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2 responses to “Bullets in the Night

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  1. Let me mull this over.

  2. Funny I was wondering I was dreaming of Jonathon Frakes appearing on General Hospital as the clone of Luke Spencer. And I never saw the show in my life.

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