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Greetings, O Generous Ones

     Please respond if you’d like to participate in the White Shoggoth exchange on Sunday, December 20 during the Trollhalla Online Midwinter party (TrOMP).

I need 2 emails from you. The first one looks like this:

Khenn, count me in. I have wrapped up a white shoggoth and it looks like this: rectangular, four inches wide by 6 inches tall by one inch thick. Plain heavy brown paper tied in a bow with goblin guts.

The second one looks like this:

Unwrapping the package you find it’s a paperback book: Tarzan of the Grapes, National Lampoon Press, c. 1969. Cover art by Fred Frazetta showing Tarzan (in his cups) armwrestling with a baboon.

Mark these emails with your trollish name and Shoggoth 1 and Shoggoth 2.  All the shoggoth 1 items will be posted in a list for members to choose from. Once an item is chosen, I will open the shoggoth 2 letter and post it on the walla.

Remember to keep your items relatively light. To participate  you should be willing to mail the item anywhere in the world. Sending heavy things to different continents can be very expensive.

Remember also that the white shoggoth should be something you already own and would be willing to give away to a good home. This is a gift for a member of Trollhalla, so it should be something relatively nice, but not exorbitant. The idea is to share the wealth, not to do conspicuous consumption.

Yes, those of you who feel more generous may do extra presents to be offered to those who would like to participate, but weren’t prepared. I’ll probably chip in 2 or 3 items.

Stealing the Shoggoth

When someone unwraps a shoggoth and reveals it, you may feel that really should have been your present. At that time you may attempt to steal it. Unarmed combat rolls will be made, 1D6 plus your combat adds and the winner gets the present. Only one steal attempt will be allowed per member. If you steal Tarzan of the Grapes from Ea, and then decide  you’d rather have the 40th anniversary gold edition of Nuclear War that just got unwrapped by Cathal, you won’t be allowed to steal a second time.  The robbed person will then get to choose another shoggoth until he/she finally gets to keep the gift.

If you steal a shoggoth, you forfeit your chance to pick one.

All disputes will be settled by the trollgod on the spot.

Let’s have some fun with this!

Khenn Arrth

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