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     I don’t know if anyone has ever used a blog to send out an online party invitation before, but what I have to say is much too long to post on Twitter and Facebook. Still, if you consider yourself a friend of Tunnels and Trolls, or of Ken St. Andre, then you’re invited.  See the invitation and rules below.

Greetings, O Funloving Ones!

I intend to host the first ever online virtual party at Trollhalla on Sunday, December 20, from 3 to 6 p.m. Arizona time. YOU ARE ALL INVITED TO ATTEND–even those of you who never sign in here. Please come on by. I think we’ll have a very good time.

If you don’t know your login and password, simply email me this week, and I’ll tell you.

If you know anyone who likes T & T, but isn’t a member of Trollhalla, have them email me, and I’ll give them a temporary login for the party.

This should be simple. you login, you put things on the walla, you read what other people put on the walla, and you have a good time. Every time you post something on the walla, your screen will refresh, and you’ll get to see what everyone else has posted.

There will be doorprizes. There will be games. There will be chances to earn tvp at the party.
Bring your own drinks and goodies to eat.

I am thinking of ending the December 2009 month at 2:55 p.m. Arizona time, thus starting everyone on Trollhalla at the same time. There will be a grand prize to be announced to whoever earns the most tvp during the course of the party.

You know, with the right knowledge on your part, much more than words can be posted on the walla. Extra tvp will be given to those who entertain by posting pictures, videos, cartoons, whatever.

Party music will be provided by Corencio the dj on

December 20th seemed like the best date to get as many people as possible before true Christmas obligations kick in. 3 to 6 p.m. should make it possible for even those of you in Europe to get on between 9 and midnight your time at a reasonable party time. I don’t know what time it will be for those of you in Australia and New Zealand, but I hope it won’t be too early in the morning for you to attend.

It’s a party, folks. Please leave your animosities behind, and let’s have some fun.

Khenn Arrth

You have to be able to login to Trollhalla to attend this party. All Trollhalla members have passwords and logins. If you want to come, but you’re not a member of Trollhalla, you must rsvp to this blog and send an email to me: Do that, and I will give you a login that will work on the day of the party only.

Of course, you could have even more fun if you joined Trollhalla between now and next Sunday. The price is right. Free!

Ho ho ho!

Ken St. Andre

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  1. I’ll make an effort to show, and try and bring a friend.

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